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Branded Deck Chairs – Everything you need to know


Custom branded deck chairs are an elegant promotional and branding item used at events and venues across Australia. Made from a wooden frame and polyester canvas sling, they are a very simple design. They can be packed down flat making them ideal for tight storage conditions. The same feature allows deck chairs to be transported easily between venues in the case of roadshows.


Personalised deck chairs are sometimes used at trade shows and product activations or launches. Outdoor cinemas and sporting events also use deck chairs for branding purposes.  As the name suggests, they were originally intended to be used as chairs on the deck of luxury sea liners so there is a touch of class and nostalgia associated with them. Outdoor hospitality venues use deck chairs for seating, particularly in lounge-style areas. Their reclined design makes them unsuitable for dining applications (which is why we also sell custom director’s chairs).


About deck chair frames

Deck chair frames are the most important and expensive element of a deck chair. They can take weights of over 100 kg. It is very important to choose a quality deck chair made from hardwood. Buying a cheaper pine version may be tempting but it only takes one guest to have an accident to destroy all that brand equity you have been trying to build.


Frames made from hardwoods such as teak, eucalyptus or ironwood are rated to take weights of around 100-120kg. Look also for frames that allow the seat or sling to be quickly and easily changed. This makes replacing the slings simple for either a different promotion or because of damage.


About custom printed slings

There are two ways of printing a deck chair sling:


1. Digital print uses dye sublimation to impart inks into a printable material. This type of print is generally short-term. Dye-sublimated graphics last for up to two years before they fade significantly but if they are exposed to strong UV for extended periods then they can begin to fade within a month. The benefit of digital print is that it is cheaper and you can have a different print front and back as two separate layers are generally sewn together. Best used for short-term promotion. Digital print provides photo-quality image reproduction.


2. Screen printing on solution-dyed acrylic is a much longer-life solution. Outdoor marine fabrics such as Sunbrella are designed for life in the sun. They are quality fabrics but they are not cheap. Sunbrella has a wide range of styles suitable for outdoor furniture. Screen printing on these fabrics can give venues a life span of up to 5 years on their slings. Screen printing has its limitations though and is generally best for one or two colour simple designs like logos.


Cheap branded deck chairs


Cheap is not an adjective that is easily applied to deck chairs. The frames need to be sturdy; the fabrics also need to take a fair amount of weight and they can be specialised to allow printing.


The best option for branded deck chairs for promotional purposes is to hire the frame. Chillzone in Sydney and Melbourne hire chairs. They will even fit your customised deck chair sling for you and remove it for a small fee.


Match a hired deck chair with a digitally printed sling and the costs of your event will be significantly less.

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