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Focus Banners is a boutique print and print management company.
We make signs and branding for events, sports and construction companies.
We save our clients money and support them with great product knowledge and experience.

Our Banner Shop

Banner printing is where our business started. We make banners of all types, indoor-outdoor, pull up-roll down, vinyl or fabric, enormous to small, standing, hanging, floating, even flying.

We have diversified a lot since our early days but we still make more banner mesh panels for builders than we do anything else.

We produce signs for building sites and developments. For shops and shopping centres. For airports and train stations. Hotels and caravan parks. Creative and design agencies.

We guide our clients in making the right choices – signage wise at least. Want the highest quality and the longest lifespan? Then we are on the same page.

Tell us how we can support your business and we will not let you down. If it can’t be done we will tell you but we will break down doors to make it happen first

Polyester Mesh Event Banner
Print Resellers

Agencies and Resellers

We love working with designers and agencies to create outstanding results for their clients. We are happy to share the profit as well. If you are a small designer, event agency, creative agency or even a fence hire company we are happy to work with you so that everyone benefits.

We also make all types of signs and banners for other print shops and print brokers. Our experience and contacts mean that we can do pretty much anything you need.

Want to earn referral bonuses or prefer to keep the work under your label we can work in with whatever you need.

Contact us today about how we can collaborate and how you can provide your clients with the highest quality print and still be competitive.

Event and Sports Signage

We would dearly love to forget 2020 and what Covid did to our beloved event industry. But 2021 is a new year full of hope that we can all get together once again and enjoy the myriad of events we have in Australia.

As specialist event printers and event branding experts we are the people to talk to about your event.

From stage dressing and backdrops to huge fence wraps we print it and we know the best product.

Our sports signage covers the needs of local teams all the way up to some of our largest stadiums. We do a lot of soft signage for street races and events.

We also recycle a lot of the signage products we sell.

Event Scrim

Finally a green signage company

We’ll admit that not everything we do is environmentally friendly. Signage materials are a long way from that ambition but we are at the leading edge of companies changing the way event organisers think about signage.

Carbon Neutral

Our business is carbon negative - we buy three times more carbon credits than carbon we emit so we cover your deliveries too.

Green Power

We buy energy only from renewable sources.


We have our own programs for recycling and repurposing many of the products we sell.

Responsible Product

We are committed to working with our clients to create better outcomes for the environment so please give us a call and see how we can help you reach your environmental goals.

Our Clients

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