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Crowd Control Barrier Covers

Double sided barrier covers

Digital printed gloss stretch polyester

Custom made for each barrier

Bike rack covers for most large hirers 

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Product Info

Crowd Control Barrier Covers

Crowd control barrier jackets turn CCBs into elegant advertising platforms and hide the barrier itself. We use a light gloss stretch polyester to create the perfect canvas. We have tried many types of stretch to achieve the perfect finish and this is the result of years of perfecting the design.

Every barrier is different so we make a custom pattern allowing for the locks joining the barriers together. Ensuring the perfect fit is key to a good looking barrier cover. If the cover is loose then you have wasted your money.

CCB covers are also called crowd control barrier sleeves or jackets or bike rack covers. Either way they are the same thing.

Our crowd barrier covers are often used for indoor sporting events where there is a televised media presence as well as a lot of spectators.

What CCB cover is best for me?

Hotels, Casinos, Nightclubs:

If your barrier covers are going to stay on the CCB, and the environment is quite hard wearing (eg queues), then PVC barrier covers or banners are best suited. PVC is very hard wearing so it will take accidental kicks and scuff. Cable ties are used to install the covers and the eyelets are offset creating a flat surface on both sides.

Outdoor Sporting Events:

Our polyester mesh barricade covers, single sided CCB covers are best for outdoor events. They are very lightweight and pack down to a small size for transport and storage. The mesh has large perforations allowing the wind to pass through the barrier covers. Use with our toggle ties for rapid bump in and out.

Indoor Sports or Premieres:

Our double sided polyester stretch CCB covers are deliver an elegant look with an outstanding print result. Favoured by many upmarket events such as launches, or premieres they slip on and off quickly. They are not recommend for extended exposure to UV light.

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How To Install

We offer a number of types of CCB covers. We consider covers to be double sided so we also call them CCB socks, CCB jackets or CCB sleeves.  They are all the same thing.

Our most popular CCB Sleeve is our stretch polyester sleeve. It always sits taut and slips on and off very easily.

To install a stretch polyester sleeve:

  1. Ensure that the sleeve is the correct size for the CCB. Sometimes at events multiple size CCBs are used.
  2. Apply the top half of one side, gently ensuring that the top holes match up with the locks. Please note that CCBs have either one or two (m/f) locks on each side.
  3. On the other side of the CCB, pull the fabric so that it easily extends beyond the locks and then guide the locks through the holes.
  4. Go back to the original side and finish installing the bottom lock.

Key benefits

Crowd Control Barrier Covers

  • Simple to install and remove
  • Fitted stretched look resulting in perfect presentation.
  • Holes for the locks ensure that the cover doesn’t bunch in the wrong places.
  • Custom made to suit every CCB (yes they are all different).
  • Printed on a light gloss fabric for perfect colour and artwork reproduction.
  • Lightweight so easily transported and stored.
  • Perfect for brand activations and outdoor events like races, show premieres, festivals or concerts
Poolside CCB Cover in Melbourne


Polyester Mesh Banner


Depending on the size of the order, allow for at least two weeks. Fabric banners require accurate stitching.

Stretch polyester is a shorter term product. We would expect a lifetime of around 3 months daily continual use before they start to fade. This product is designed for promotions rather than semi-permanent signage.

Yes, we can offer velcro although note that long runs of velcro are difficult to line up and keep straight/flat.

Yes, we do offer crowd control barrier covers black CCB covers made for TFH barriers only.

Yes, our polyester mesh, single sided CCB cover is best for the outdoor events. It is constructed to withstand various weather conditions and features dye sublimation printing for vivid colours. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause fading. To avoid the product from being blown away by strong winds, ensure that it is properly fastened to its crowd control cover bunnings. These crowd barrier covers are versatile and can be utilized as construction or fence banners.

There are a lot of factors to consider whether to choose between cloth, vinyl or mesh CCB covers. Are you using it indoors or outdoors? If you will use it outside, will there likely be strong winds? Do you need lighting for the CCB cover?

  • Cloth CCB covers are often used to show a lot of graphics. It is best for inside use where there are a lot of lights since the cloth material does not reflect light. Gymnasiums can also use them as championship CCB covers. CCB covers can be easily hung since it’s a lightweight CCB covers.


  •  Mesh CCB Covers are designed for outdoor use. These have small holes to allow the wind to pass through the CCB cover. These limit the stress on the CCB cover and avoid it to break. These are commonly seen in sports events, concerts, and construction areas and hung in establishments for promotional purposes. Please keep in mind that due to the mesh material of the CCB cover, some distortion may occur from the opposite side.


  • Vinyl CCB cover with the highest popularity. This vinyl CCB covers display the images better. These can be used inside and outside, except for areas with strong winds. These are also not suitable if you will use some lighting.