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Crowd Control Barrier Vinyl Banners

Vinyl CCB Banners

PVC barrier covers are very durable

Single or double sided

Solid vinyl banner or banner mesh

Custom made to fit your CCB.

Product Info

Vinyl Bike Rack Covers

Crowd control barrier covers made from PVC mesh are used where durability is required. CCBs are often used in construction or civil projects as a means to protect or identify a work area. Councils use crowd control barriers to fence off streetscape renovations or civil works.


The difference between these crowd control barriers banners and our single sided CCB covers or double sided CCB sleeves is the thicker material we use. Banner mesh is product made from PVC which is perforated to allow the passage of wind. Banner mesh has a very high burst strength so if flying objects or debris are a consideration then this is the ideal material for crowd control barrier covering.


Banner mesh was developed for the sign industry and is coated to allow inks to set on the mesh. CCB covers made with banner mesh are unlikely to fade within two years. They can be susceptible to scratching on the ink depending on how they are treated. PVC mesh crowd control barriers are ideal for applications where the barriers will be moved around a job site over an extended period. Whilst the CCB banners can be removed easily they are best used when the covers are kept on the barriers.


Vinyl barrier covers print exceptionally well. The downside against polyester mesh CCB covers is that they must be stored in a roll, they are not quite as easy to install or remove as lightweight polyester, and they don’t sit quite as nicely when installed on the barriers.


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How To Install

Double sided vinyl CCB covers are fastened with velcro. To install them:

  1. Open the velcro of one the side sections and slip it over the CCB.
  2. Repeat with the other end and fasten the velcro sides together
  3. Velcro can be difficult to align perfectly so adjust any imperfections.
  4. Seal the bottom velcro edges.

Key benefits

Vinyl CCB Covers

  • Very durable and able to be displayed permanently outdoors for at least 2 years.
  • Made from PVC mesh or solid vinyl depending on the wind conditions at the place of installation
  • Great for hardwearing environments like nightclub queues
  • Excellent print reproduction and fade resistant
  • Waterproof and easily cleaned by wiping down
  • Can be single or double sided.
PVC Mesh Crowdie Cover


Polyester Mesh Banner


Generally not. Vinyl is much heavier than polyester and it must be stored rolled up. Polyester is better for quick bump ins.

No unfortunately PVC vinyl banners are not recyclable although we do encourage our clients to find a second life for vinyl by repurposing somehow. It is durable and waterproof.

Our banners are printed on matt stock but we can print gloss if the job is large enough.

Yes, we can produce banners that are printed on both sides.

Yes, vinyl banners are waterproof and easy to clean.

Yes. Viny banners, made from PVC mesh or solid vinyl, are very durable and able to be displayed permanently outdoors for at least 2 years.