Bannerloop – Banner Recycling Scheme

Bannerloop – Banner Recycling Scheme

Welcome to our own closed loop system for recycling polyester banners called Bannerloop.

Focus Banners operates our own polyester banner recycling or stewardship program. We accept 100% of the spent polyester banners you buy from us. We combine these with those of our other customers. Once we have enough feedstock, we send all the spent polyester for recycling. The recyclers convert the polyester back to its PET form. They can use rPET (recycled PET) pellets to produce a variety post consumer products. In fact,Coca Cola is committed to using 50% rPET in manufacturing their bottles by 2030.

Polyester mesh is the most common product for banner recycling. Polymesh is best suited for applications like event scrim, temporary fence banners, short term outdoor banners, flags or crowd control barrier covers.

Our Bannerloop recycling scheme is a closed loop system. The polyester can be recycled as itself (or PET) rather than up or down-cycling into another product. This diverts plastics out of landfill that could take up to 500 years to degrade. Ultimately meaning less virgin plastic enters the environment. By switching from traditional PVC banners to polyester banners our clients are contributing to a more sustainable industry.

Polyester is a very versatile print stock able to fulfil the branding requirements of most events. It is ideal for short term use.  The print life is not as long as some other substrates however long term coated polyesters are not as easily recycled. Billboard banner and banner mesh fall into this category.

Like the delivery that got them to our clients in the first place, Bannerloop returns are 100% carbon offset with credits from South Pole. Clients don’t even need to use our courier. We weigh the returned banners and calculate the distance the consignment has travelled to offset the carbon at no extra cost.

We remove the eyelets and non-recyclable components from the returned banners. The polyester is then sent to the recycling plant to become tomorrow’s Coke bottles (or whatever lies in store for them).

We urge our clients to rethink their impact on the environment and choose products which are less environmentally damaging. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our Bannerloop program or any of our other products.

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