Crowd Control Barrier Covers

Crowd control barrier covers turn CCBs into advertising platforms. Our most popular model is made from stretch polyester with holes for the locks. They can be installed in a matter of seconds and removed in the same time.

We have quite a few different polyester fabrics which we used for different effects. As we generally make our CCB skins from a solid polyester they are not ideal for outdoor high wind areas but they are fine in most normal weather conditions

Our crowd control barrier sleeves are custom made for each client. There are many sizes of crowd control barrier in Australia and we take the size and location of the link apparatus and create an individual template. The design fits on the template and once printed we sew in hook and loop velcro for easy attachment.

Our crowd control barrier sleeves are often used for indoor sporting events where there is a televised media presence as well as a lot of spectators. These skins are not only very prominent to advertise on but they can be used for directional signage and, well, crowd control.

How to Install a Crowd Control Barrier Cover

We offer a number of types of CCB covers. We consider covers to be double sided so we also call them CCB socks, CCB jackets or CCB sleeves.  They are all the same thing.

Our most popular CCB Sleeve is our stretch polyester sleeve. It always sits taut and slips on and off very easily.

To install a stretch polyester sleeve:

  1. Ensure that the sleeve is the correct size for the CCB. Sometimes at events multiple size CCBs are used.
  2. Apply the top half of one side, gently ensuring that the top holes match up with the locks. Please note that CCBs have either one or two (m/f) locks on each side.
  3. On the other side of the CCB, pull the fabric so that it easily extends beyond the locks and then guide the locks through the holes.
  4. Go back to the original side and finish installing the bottom lock.

What CCB cover is best for me?

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Q&A CCB Sleeves

Q. How long does it take to make CCB sleeves?
A. Depending on the size of the order, allow for at least two weeks. Fabric banners require accurate stitching.

Q. How long do stretch polyester CCBs last?
A. Stretch polyester is a shorter term product. We would expect a lifetime of around 3 months daily continual use before they start to fade. This product is designed for promotions rather than semi-permanent signage.

Q. Do we offer covers with velcro closing?
A. Yes, we can offer velcro although note that long runs of velcro are difficult to line up and keep straight/flat.

Q. Do we hire plain black CCB sleeves?
A. No, unfortunately there are too many types of CCBs to make one fits all.

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