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Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners

PVC Banner Mesh Banners

Custom Made to Size

Used Widely on Building Sites and Company Fences

Available in different weights for wind flow

Finished with hems and eyelets every 500mm


Product Info

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are the ideal outdoor solution for advertising on building sites, industrial yards, festivals or anywhere where large format printing can be utilised. Vinyl mesh, otherwise known as scrim or builders mesh is a purpose-built material for printing large outdoor signs.


We are mesh banner printing specialists so our pricing is very competitive and our quality second to none.


If you are looking to wrap a building site then banner mesh is the ideal material. It has a very high burst strength so building site materials don’t pierce it. It allows the wind to pass through it whilst still being opaque and hiding the building works.


Mesh is very durable and the print will last up 3-4 years. Businesses are often hidden from the street with just a small sign to advertise. Fence mesh banners bring attention to the business hidden behind the fence. They can make an enormous difference in brand association.


Mesh can also be used for balcony or scaffold banners. Construction mesh banners are very popular because of their strength and longevity. We can print mesh up to 5m wide and 50m long.


We offer a number of other types of mesh from our facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. For events or situations where mesh banners will be used repeatedly in different locations, we suggest using fabric banners. For a banner that would look best on a solid background like a wooden hoarding, then consider vinyl banners. If you have a small job or your are concerned with wind then using a smaller banner is beneficial, please check our page on banner mesh panels.



Types of banner mesh

There are a few variations of mesh banner which suit different applications. Banner mesh opacity is measured in threads per inch (tpi), the lower the tpi, the lighter the weave.

12 tpi (12×12)mesh is considered to be the premium substrate. It is the least see-through so images print beautifully. It is considered 80% mesh, 20% perforation so it not ideal in strong wind situations.

9 threads per inch (9×9) is what we call standard banner mesh. It is a great mix of opacity and perforations, allowing more wind through but maintaining strong image representation. It is also cheaper than premium mesh.

6 tpi (6×6) is called air mesh. It has about 50% opacity. The print can look a little washed out but the air passes through the mesh best.

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How To Install

To install banner mesh on temporary fencing or cyclone wire fencing follow these steps for a crease-free installation:

  1. Identify the starting point of the mesh banner and take the banner out of its packaging.
  2. Leaving it on the roll, attach the top corner loosely with a cable tie.
  3. On flat installs, ensure the top row is straight and start fixing every second eyelet with cable ties.
  4. Work for 5-10 metres along the top row before coming back to fix the bottom row. Ensure that the banner is not overly taut and that there is a small amount of play in the cable tie. This will prevent pulling and creases.
  5. Repeat step 4 until the end of the banner. Then fix the side eyelets, and any missing eyelets along the top and bottom rows. It is important to use all the eyelets to disperse the wind drag as evenly as possible.
  6. Adjust any cable ties which are too tight. You may need to replace them.
  7. Snip the tag ends of the cable ties and roll the lock to the rear of the banner for a clean finish.

Key features

Mesh Banners

  • Massive bang for bucks. Banner mesh is incredibly cost effective.
  •  Allows wind to escape through the banner itself relieving pressure on eyelets and on temporary fencing. There are 3 different types each of which allows different amount of breeze through the mesh – although there is a trade off in transparency
  • Mesh banners are fantastic for hiding messy building sites and advertising the builder at the same time.
  •  Mesh banners can be custom made to size to perfectly fit most fences or installatons. 
  • Banner mesh can be used on buildings or stages as scaffold banners and can be printed in one piece up.
  • Advertising mesh is extremely durable and long lasting.
Mesh banner


Polyester Mesh Banner



Mesh banners are outdoor advertising banners made from vinyl with a perforated face.

Banner Mesh is a much better solution on open fences. The perforations allow wind to travel through the mesh, relieving wind drag on the eyelets.

Banner mesh is only guaranteed to withstand winds of around 60kmph.

We aren’t big fans of cutting wind holes in mesh. To be effective the wind holes must be very large. We recommend a more open weave as a more effective solution.

When it is well looked after, banner mesh can last up to 8 years. Obviously the print will be faded and the material will be quite brittle at this point but it would still be standing.

Yes, they can. If you are moving mesh from job to job it is better to roll it up on a core.