Event scrim is usually made from polyester mesh fabric which we recommend over using banner mesh.  Polyester fabric banners are lightweight and easy to transport from place to place. They are easily installed and removed making them ideal for use at events. The polyester material has a very open weave as well as wind perforations. This allows wind to pass through it easily.

Mesh is often used around stage and scaffolds for things such as stage backdrops, stage skirts, stage sides, stage valances and speaker stack covers. Event mesh banners can be customised up to a length of 10 metres and a height of 3.2 metres although it can be joined with a seam if need be.

Custom polyester banners are very popular with councils and local tourism promoters. Events which require moving the overlay and branding to different locations benefit from this type of material. Polymesh or Duramesh as it is sometimes known can be used for crowd control barrier covers or gazebo sides.

This type of sign is best used for short term applications. They have a print life of up to 6 months. These banners can be recycled via our Bannerloop program.