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How Do You Inflate An Inflatable Arch?

How to set up an Inflatable Arch?

To set up your inflatable arch, there are a few steps that you’ll need to follow. These 5 easy steps will ensure that your arch is properly installed and ready to use.

1. Unpack and lay out the arch on the ground

Remove the arch from the carry bag and carefully spread it out on the area where it will be installed. Make sure the area is safe and there are no sharp objects that may puncture your inflatable arch.


2. Attach the blower or pump

After ensuring that the archway is completely extended, it is time to connect the blower, or in the case of airtight arches, the pump. It is important to make sure that the blower is firmly attached to the power source to avoid any difficulty or damage.

3. Inflate the arch

After plugging in the blower to the power supply, you may now turn on the fan blower/pump to initiate the inflation process of the archway. You should patiently wait until the archway reaches its full size before proceeding to the next step. Finally, the inflatable arch is inflated using an external electric blower that pumps air into the arch through a valve. The blower can be attached to the arch during the event, or it can be detached after the arch is fully inflated.


4. Secure the arch

When installing your inflatable arch, it is important to use the stakes and ropes provided to ensure its stability. Begin by securely installing the stakes into the ground, making sure they are firmly anchored. Then, attach the ropes to your inflatable arch, ensuring that they are taut and properly fastened. This will help to secure your arch in case of inclement weather. 


5. Add the weights

Now that you have successfully inflated your inflatable arch to its full size, it’s time to take the necessary steps to secure it in place. Adding sandbags is an essential part of the process, as they help to evenly distribute the weight and prevent the arch from being blown away by strong winds. To ensure that your inflatable arch remains safe and secure, it’s crucial that you place the sandbags strategically and make sure they are firmly in place. This will help to keep your arch stable and prevent any potential accidents, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


With these simple steps, you’ll have your inflatable archway set up and ready to go in no time!


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