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Rectangle Flag

Rectangle Flags

Rectangle Flag Banners

Australian made

4 sizes 1.5m, 2.2m, 3.2m and 4.2m

Single Sided or Double Sided

Extra Strong Fabrics

Extra Strong Poles

Bases to suit all applications

Product Info

Rectangle Flags

Rectangle flags are a natural shape for signage.

Rectangle flags offer more surface area than other banner flags, making them suitable for showcasing large details. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor signage due to their dimensions, durability, and portability. 

How To Install

To assemble rectangle banner flags, follow these three easy steps:

  1. As with all of our banner flag displays, our rectangle flags are assembled by hand. 
  2. Starting with the smallest metal rod, insert it in ascending order until the largest is inserted. Be careful when inserting them as the material can rip if they are inserted too forcefully. 
  3. Put the stake into the ground by pounding it. Once you place your rectangle flag on the stake, you will have a vibrant, durable and visually appealing rectangle banner flag.

Additional Information


Premium 12 x 12, Standard 9 x 9, Wind Mesh 6 x 6


50m x 1.6m, 50m x 1.8m

Key features

Rectangle Flags

  • Rectangle flags are simple to design
  • Available in various sizes they can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Skins are very easy to change
  • Simple to install
  • Single sided or double sided.
Flag Base


Polyester Mesh Banner


A rectangle flag is a long vertical flag supported by a fibreglass pole.

Yes, our promotional flag includes a portable carrying case. Featuring a retractable rod and a flexible material, it is effortless to store and convey.

Yes, we can create your custom-made promotional flag with your own artwork and business logo.

Yes, we can send this upon request.

Yes, our flags are water-resistant. Flags made of these materials can handle rain and moisture to a certain extent. We still recommend not using your flag during heavy rains to maintain the print.

Yes, the flags can withstand a certain degree of wind, but make sure their stands and bases are properly secured by adding extra weight to them. We still recommend not using them in adverse weather conditions to prolong their life.

No. This is optional. You can opt to mount your advertising flags on a wall or beside your booth frame.

No. An advertising flag is easy to install, this can be installed by one person.

  1. It is possible for your banner to discolour as a result of continuous exposure to outdoor elements, especially from the sun’s radiation. Every few months, ensure you carry out a cleaning routine to ensure your flag is in good shape.
  2. Wet flags should never be packed up for storage. Be sure to dry it first to avoid creasing, mildew, and mould growth.
  3. In high winds and strong rain, it is always advisable to take down the flags.