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Corflute Signs

Corflute Signs

Corflute signs

Custom Corflute Signs

Suitable for real estate signs, menus, etc

5mm or 3mm boards

Up to 2.4m long boards available

Custom sizes and shapes


Product Info

Corflute Signs

Corflute or corrugated plastic sign is an incredibly versatile, lightweight and cheap signage option. Itis easily installed on any structure or fencing with cable ties. This rigid, flat substrate will reproduce your artwork at a high print quality so that your branding will stand out.

The main uses of corflute include real estate signs, construction safety signage, business signs and election campaigns. Durability isn’t an issue as corflute signs can be reused time and time again. At Focus we pride ourselves on the quality of our corflute sign printing and working closely with our clients to produce their signage needs. We even have our own creative design team that are more than happy to create a design that will get your message across.

We use the highest quality inks and print directly on to the board making sure there are no air bubbles or creases

Other Possibilities with Corflute

Corflute is a versatile signage material. It is basically corrugated plastic so anything you can create with cardboard can be created with corflute. The only difference is that coreflute is very durable.

Signs can be easily cut into custom sizes, or even custom shapes. Corflute can be made into bollard toblerone signs. It can even be used to make retail displays and packaging.

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How To Install

Installing corflute signs is very easy. To install corflute on fencing:

  1. Position the corflute on the fence ensuring the top edge is straight.
  2. Use cable ties to fasten the top corners if the sign has eyelets. Do not over tighten and cause the edges to collapse.
  3. If the sign doesn’t have eyelets, check the way the cores run before making a small incision in the sign to allow for a cable tie to be passed through. Make a second incision for the cable tie to wrap through in another channel, not down the same channel or it will easily pull through.
  4. Check that the sign is level before applying the bottom row and tightening the top row.

To install a corflute sign on a wooden stake:

  1. Request that your corflute is made with two eyelets in the centre of the sign, top and bottom.
  2. Use a cable tie to thread through the eyelets and around the stake.
  3. If your sign has no eyelets, use tek screws and large washers to affix the sign to the stake

Key features

Corflute Signage

  • Lightweight and easily transported and installed.
  • Corrugated plastic signs are durable and last up to three years in outdoor applications and 5 years indoors
  • Corflute signs are resistant to UV rays and waterproof. Lamination is also available to extend print life
  • Corflute is extremely good value for money. It is inexpensive and lasts a longtime
  • Corflute can be customised to meet your specific needs, including size, shape, and colour.
  • Corflute is rigid s signage is always presented at its best, on a flat surface.
Corflute with eyelets


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Yes, corflute can be cut into different sizes and shapes.

Yes, we can make toblerone and A-frame signs from corflute. 

We do make some corflute packaging if we are provided with the cutting instructions.

Signs made out of 5mm corrugated plastic can last 2-3 years outdoors.

We can print up to 3 metre corflute signs.

We can cut corflute into many shapes including convex geometric shapes like Squares, Rectangles , Triangles, Hexagons and Circles.

The radius of the rounded corners can be specified by our customers to suit the design of the sign. We normally recommend 30mm as a suitable radius.

The life expectancy of corrugated plastic signs depends on UV and exposure to the weather. We would expect that non laminated corflute signs last between 12-15 months before fading.

We use metal eyelets. They have an internal diameter of 12mm. When designing the artwork allow space in the corners for eyelets if you require them.

It can be important to nominate the direction of the corrugated flutes. The rule is generally to have the flutes run in the opposite perspective to the sign. For example, a sign in portrait perspective should have fluted that run in landscape and vice versa. The exception to this is that you need to use the flutes vertically when using ground stakes. It should be noted too that signs with vertical flutes will tend to wrap around the thinner installations like poles or stakes.

That question is usually answered with it depends what you will install it on. We can print sheets up to 3000mm x 1500. Corflute signs can also be made larger by installing them next to ech other. The print is borderless, and the join is virtually invisible.

If you agree supplying your own artwork for your corflute sign then the set-up fees are included in the price we give you. We don’t charge additional set up fees unless there is a really large amount of artwork to be processed and/or charges need to be made to get the artwork print ready.