Victor Inflatable Tent

Victor Inflatable Tent

Triangular inflatable tent

Make a huge impression

Constant pressure inflatable

Tough TPU inner with a waterproof skin

Available in 4m x 4m and 6m x 6m


Product Info

Victor Inflatable Tent

Stand out from the crowd at outdoor events with this giant inflatable tent. Your brand will define itself with loads of advertising space on an architectural design.

Triangular tents are easy to inflate and just as easy to deflate and pack up. These inflatables are constant pressure so no need for fans or generators. Simply inflate once and deflate at the end of the event.

Skins are easily interchanged on these promotional inflatables. Event companies are able to provide these to their clients and simply change the advertising message.

Our victor tent or v tent comes in two large sizes, 4m x 4m or 6m x 6m. These are large enough to provide shelter for everything from tanks to bikes. The victor inflatable is an ideal mobile showroom and can be used at outdoor sporting events like triathlons, bicycle races, ski races or even automobile and caravan shows.

The victor tent is especially popular for cycling and running events.

Also used for attractive shelter for cars and machinery at trade shows and expos.

Victor tents unique design draw people to them with the added benefit of providing haven from the elements.

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How To Install

Installing Victor Tent:

V style inflatable tents are simple to install

To install Victor Tent:

  1. Move the tent into the display area
  2. Roll out the tent on the ground with the graphic face up
  3. Before inflating ensure there are no obstacles which will get in the way.
  4. Insert the pump in the valve and inflate
  5. The tent will take shape automatically
  6. Once inflated fine remove the pump and tightly seal the valve.
  7. There is an overfill valve so the unit cannot be over inflated.
  8. tune the position to its final display space
  9. Use pegs or weights to keep the tent in position.

Key benefits

Victor Inflatable Tent

Victor Inflatable Tent


Polyester Mesh Banner


The tunnel can be easily deflated and returned to the bag it comes in for transport and storage.

Yes, graphics are easily interchanged.

Any areas exposed to contact are reinforced so as not to be damaged by rubbing.

Yes, inflatable tents always need to be secured.

Installation is a matter of minutes.