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Inflatable Pillar

Inflatable Pillars

Inflatable advertising pillars

Available in different shapes and sizes

No need for constant inflation

Tough TPU inner with a waterproof skin

Change the message easily.

Ask about sizes and shapes.


Product Info

Inflatable Pillars

Custom inflatable advertising pillars look amazing and can be printed with any message or image.

Giant inflatable signs allow event organisers to add a third dimension to generally 2 dimensional outdoor signs.

Made from TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) covered with waterproof 500 denier polyester. The product is very hardwearing and designed for repeated use. They are airtight so only need to be inflated once rather than continuously like other inflatables.

Pillars are frequently used to indicate meeting places or turning points in races. Stack a few together to create a focal point.

Inflatable pillars come in different sizes and shapes and compliment other styles of branding very well.

Pillar signs can be printed with image graphics or with logos to create a stunning 3D effect.

Pillars are effective at trade shows where they can be combined with inflatable furniture for an integrated style


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How To Install

To install an Inflatable Pillar:

  1. Move the pillar into the display area
  2. Roll out the tent on the ground with the graphic face up
  3. Before inflating ensure there are no obstacles which will get in the way.
  4. Insert the pump in the valve and inflate
  5. The pillar will take shape automatically
  6. Once inflated fine remove the pump and tightly seal the valve.
  7. There is an overfill valve so the unit cannot be over inflated.
  8. Use pegs or weights to keep the pillar in position.


Additional Information


200Hx45cm | 250Hx45cm | 280Hx45cm | 300Hx45cm | 400Hx45cm

280Hx60cm | 250Hx60cm | 300Hx60cm | 400Hx60cm | 500Hx60cm

Key benefits

Inflatable Pillars

Inflatable Pillar


Polyester Mesh Banner


No, our pillar signs are high pressure and do not require constant inflating.

Pillars are great for use as turning points in races or for meeting places.

Yes, simply deflate and return to the bag. They are easily transported.

Yes, it is easy to change the graphics on pillar signs.

The base of the pillars is reinforced to reduce the effects of wear.

The pillar has its own weights which need to in place at the time of inflating. No other weights are required.