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Inflatable Race Buoys

Inflatable Race Buoys

Aquatic Race Buoys

Constant pressure inflatable with anchor clips

Tough TPU inner with a waterproof skin

Come in different shapes and sizes: cylinders, cubes and pyramids
Come in a range of colours


Product Info
Inflatable Race Buoys

Designed for outdoor aquatic events, inflatable race  mark buoys are ideal for open water swims, triathlons, surf events, rowing races and anywhere that branding can be displayed on water.

They are made of heavy-duty PVC and are 100% airtight and watertight.

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How To Install Inflatable Aquatic Buoys

To install inflatable buoys:

  1.  To install Inflatable Buoys
  2. Unpackage the buoy and take it to a clear area near your boat.
  3. Before inflating ensure there are no obstacles which will get in the way.
  4. Insert the pump in the valve and inflate
  5. The buoy will take shape automatically
  6. Once inflated fine remove the pump and tightly seal the valve.
  7. There is an overfill valve so the unit cannot be over inflated.
  8. Take the boat to the desired installation place and measure the drop allowing for fluctuations in tides
  9. Install the chain weight (not provided)
  10. Place the buoy on the water and lower the weight
  11. Always wash the buoy down and allow to dry before storage.

Key benefits

Branded Race Buoys

Show your competitors where to go and brand the the rounding mark at the same time.

Large enough to be seen on television screens

Simple to install and pack down.

Highly durable and waterproof

Available in a range of bright colours so that your brand is sure to be noticed

Cylinder Buoy


Polyester Mesh Banner


No, these race buoys are high pressure and air tight. They only require inflation once.

The race buoys is perfect for all outdoor events.

The tunnel can be easily deflated and returned to the bag it comes in for transport and storage.

Yes, graphics are easily interchanged.

Any areas exposed to contact are reinforced so as not to be damaged by rubbing.

Installation is a matter of minutes.