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Custom Stage Backdrop

Stage Backdrop

Customisable stage backdrops


Made in polyester mesh, vinyl or blockout polyester.


Perfect for corporate stage sets, award nights, and theme events.


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Key benefits

Stage Backdrops

  •  Customised backdrops allows showcasing brand logos, colors or themes, reinforcing identity and message during events. It also helps set the mood for the performance or event.
  • Stage backdrops are versatile as it can be easily changed to suit different themes, events or performances, offering flexibility in stage design.
  • A well designed backdrop enhances the quality of photographs and videos during the event and helps conceal backstage areas, equipment, or other distractions, 
Custom Stage Backdrop

Product Info

Custom Printed Stage Backdrops

In places where making a great first impression counts, it’s important to jazz up the surroundings and make them eye-poppingly awesome with our stage backdrops. Stage backdrops are essential elements in corporate stage sets, award nights, conferences, concerts, theatres, award nights, theme nights, television studios, churches and school functions. 

Our stage backdrops can be made with these three different materials: Polyester Mesh or Scrim, Blockout Polyester or Vinyl.

Our backdrops are digitally printed allowing for intricate designs, vibrant colors, and specific imagery tailored to any theme or message.

The advantages of having customised stage backdrops include enhancing the overall aesthetics of the stage, setting the mood or atmosphere of the performance, and conveying important information to the audience. Additionally, these backdrops offer versatility, as they can be easily installed, removed, and reused for different events, providing a cost-effective solution for stage decoration.

Overall, customized stage backdrops play a crucial role in bringing productions to life, adding depth and dimension to the performance space while offering endless creative possibilities for event organisers and production teams.



About Backdrop Materials

Our stage backdrops can be made with three different materials: Polyester Mesh or Scrim, Blockout Polyester or Vinyl.

Polyester mesh or scrim is ideal for outdoor events or situations where wind resistance is necessary due to its breathable nature. It allows air to pass through, reducing the risk of the stage backdrop being caught by the wind.

Vinyl is known for its durability and vibrant color reproduction. Vinyl backdrops are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are often used for high quality prints and can withstand wear and tear over time.

Blockout Polyester is best suited or situation where opacity is needed. This material prevents light from passing through, making it ideal for blocking out unwanted background elements or controlling effects on stage.

The choice between these materials ultimately depends on factors such as specific requirement of the event, budget and desired outcome.


Polyester Mesh Banner


The material depends on the structure and engineering of the stage but we generally recommend polyester mesh for outdoor stages because of the superior wind flow through the backdrop.

The best finish and clearest print comes from vinyl banner.

Yes, all our backdrops are digitally printed so there is no limit to what can be printed apart from the quality of the original image.

Yes, the print result on polyester mesh is excellent however be aware that there may be a slightly washed out effect as the material is perforated allowing light to come through from behind.

We finish our backdrops with either eyelets or with pole pockets. Where possible pole poles give the most even finish but they do require metal poles inserted top and bottom.

All our stage backdrops are custom made to size.  We can make any size. Larger backdrops may need to be tiled because of their weight making them impractical to install in one piece.