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Corflute Triangle Sign

Corflute Triangle Signs

Trianglular Corflute Signs

Self supporting with velcro

Easy to pack down

Ideal for sideline advertising

Great for both indoor and outdoor events


Product Info

Corflute Triangle Signs

Corflute triangle signs, also known as toblerone signs, are versatile advertising tools perfect for both indoor and outdoor events.

Made from lightweight and durable 5mm corflute material, they offer cost-effective solutions for promoting brands particular at sporting grounds. The signs are self supporting and the prism is assembled using velcro making them easy to set up and to pack down. Triangle signs can be packed flat for easy and efficient storage.

Triangular signs come in various sizes and can be placed next to each other with no visible break creating a sign as long as the area if necessary. They are ideal for outdoors as the inks and corflute are very hard wearing. They can be anchored with sandbags or nailed down with tent pegs.

With vibrant full-color printing and options for customisation, Toblerone signs attract attention and effectively promote brands. Corflute triangles create an effective visual barrier between two areas.

Whether used at sporting events, retail spaces or brand activations, these signs provide eye-catching visibility and practicality for any occasion.

Additional Information


Small: 1200 x 650mm face

Medium : 1800 x 400mm face

Large: 2400 x 400mm face

Key features

Corflute Triangle Signs

  • Custom print design with 2 advertising faces
  • Full colour digital printing
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Lightweight, easy to put up, take down, transport and store
  • Reusable and cost effective


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We manufacture toblerone signs using 5mm corflute and we use velcro, so these can be used time and time again.

The life expectancy of corrugated plastic signs depends on UV and exposure to the weather. We would expect that non laminated toblerone signs last between 12-15 months before fading.

We can produce toblerone sizes ranging from 800mm to 2400mm in width. Additionally, larger sizes can be achieved by placing the panels side by side.

Assembling toblerone signs is straightforward and easy. They are assembled by aligning the panels and interlocking them together with tabs and Velcro, to create a triangular shape.

Toblerone signs and bollards signs are nearly the same thing. We refer to them as toblerones when they are laid on the ground or bollard signs when they are placed vertically over a bollard.  Toblerones are usually made from 5mm corflute for extra strength and bollard signs are made from 3mm corflute as it is easier to work with and ship.