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Corflute Pillar Wrap

Pillar Wraps

Corflute Pillar Wrap

Self supporting with velcro

Easy to pack down

Ideal for live events and busy streets 

Great for both indoor and outdoor events


Product Info

Pillar Wraps

Corflute pillar wraps are versatile advertising tools designed to transform ordinary pillars or columns into eye-catching promotional spaces.


Made from durable corrugated plastic material, these wraps offer resilience against outdoor elements making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor.


They serve as effective platforms for displaying branding, advertisements, event information or artistic designs. 


With customisable sizes, corflute pillar wraps enable businesses and organisations to maximize their visibility and engage with their target audience in high-traffic areas such as malls, stadium, airports and trade shows.


Their light weight and easy to install nature make them a practical choice for temporary promotions or long term marketing campaigns. Whether used for product launches, informational signage or decorative purposes, corflute pillar wraps provide a cost-effective solution for enhancing brand recognition and attracting people’a attention in diverse settings.


Additional Information


Small: 290mm x 1600mm; 580 x 1600mm face

Medium : 290mm x 1800mm; 580 x 1800mm face

Large: 290mm x 2400mm; 580 x 2400mm face

Key features

Pillar Wraps

  • Corflute pillar wraps are durable and can withstand outdoor elements like sunlight, wind and rain. 
  • Great for street signage or tree or street sign pole wraps.
  • Ideal for advertising or wayfinding as they can be customised with graphics, logos or promotional messages. 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Lightweight, easy to put up, take down
  • Can be flattened for easy transport and storage
  • Reusable and cost effective.


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Pillar wraps are made of 5mm corflute and we use velcro, so these can be used time and time again. Corflutes are durable and can withstand sunlight, rain and wind. 

We offer a standard width of 580mm, with height options ranging from 1600mm to 2400mm. Additionally, we can accomodate custom sizes based on your specific requirements.

Assembling pillar wrap is easy. They are assembled by aligning the panels and interlocking them together with tabs and Velcro. 


Corflute pillar wraps are lightweight and easy to install, typically using zip ties or adhesive straps to secure them around the pillar or posts.

The life expectancy of corrugated plastic signs depends on UV and exposure to the weather. We would expect that non laminated pillar wrap last between 12-15 months before fading.