Cafe Umbrella

Cafe Umbrellas

Custom Printed Cafe Umbrellas

Customise with your own branding or logo

Made with long life acrylic fabric

Screenprinted for longevity.


Product Info

Cafe Umbrellas

Cafe umbrellas are an essential addition to any outdoor spaces, offering durable shelter from the harsh Australian sun while adding touch of style to cafes, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Crafted with robust materials designed to withstand the rigors of the Australian climate, these umbrellas provide ample shade to keep patrons cool and comfortable during alfresco dining or leisurely gatherings.

Easily customisable with your branding and logo, they serve as effective promotional tools while enhancing the ambiance of your establishment.

With UV protection and weather-resistant features, these umbrellas ensure year-round enjoyment, making them an essential investment for business looking to create inviting outdoor spaces for their customers to relax and unwind.

Additional Information


Available Shape & Sizes

2 x 2m Square Umbrella

Cover Size: 2100 x 2100mm

Cover Colour: plain or stripes

Frame: 48mm heavy duty aluminum

Frame Colour: black or silver



3 x 3m Square Umbrella

Cover Size: 3000 x 3000mm

Cover Colour: plain

Frame: 48mm heavy duty aluminum

Frame Colour: black


Key features

Printed Cafe Umbrellas

  • Customisable with branding and logos
  • Commercial quality and strength
  • Durable, good for long term use
  • Provides shade for outdoor space
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Weather-resistant materials for all seasons
  • Offers UV protection for added comfort
Commercial Umbrella


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The size of the commercial umbrella required depends on the area you wish to cover. Measure the intended shaded space and opt for an umbrella that surpasses it. Ensure stability and proper coverage by considering factors such as the umbrella’s shape, pole height, and base weight.

Commercial umbrellas can be tailored with branding or logos, a  strategy among businesses, restaurants, and hotels seeking to enhance brand visibility and establish a unified aesthetic for outdoor settings. Customisation options includes printing logos or designs onto the canopy, incorporating custom colors or patterns.

Commercial umbrellas are engineered to endure wind velocities ranging from 80 to 90 km/h, depending on the model and build. It’s crucial to emphasize that during periods of high winds or storms, umbrellas should always be closed to avoid the risk of damage or injury.

To maintain and clean your commercial umbrella effectively, adhere to these steps:


  • Routinely examine the umbrella for any signs of damage or wear and promptly replace any broken or damaged components.
  • Close the umbrella when not in use to shield it from potential wind or other adverse weather conditions.
  • Clean the umbrella fabric using a mild soap and water solution, ensuring thorough rinsing and complete drying before closing the umbrella.
  • Apply a fabric protector to deter stains and water damage.
  • Keep the moving parts of the umbrella lubricated with silicone spray to ensure smooth operation.
  • Store the umbrella in a dry, cool location during periods of non-use to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

By following these guidelines, you can maintain the good condition of your commercial umbrella, ensuring its longevity for many years.

Generally, a well-maintained commercial umbrella can be used for several years.