Top 5 Reasons To Use Outdoor Banners to Advertise Your Local Business
Feb 09, 2021

Top 5 Reasons To Use Outdoor Banners to Advertise Your Local Business

What is it that companies like Apple, Coca Cola, MacDonalds, American Express and Google all have in common. Well yes, they are massive companies but more importantly, they are the biggest spenders in out of home advertising (OOH).

OOH is any advertising that is seen outside of the home.  When you think that people spend 70% of their waking hours out of their home it makes sense to advertise where you have their eyeballs. Out of Home advertising is a lofty name. For big business it means billboards and stadium advertising. For the average small to medium businesses it means banners and small billboards.

The principles of advertising are the same for both big and small enterprises. So how can banner advertising benefit your local business, the way it benefits those big businesses?


For small, local businesses advertising in the area they operate is the most sensible thing they can do. If your business comes from your local population then you want to be seen in as many places as you can with your local area.

Banner advertising speaks to locals in their own area. As we spend 70% of our days outside of home: at work, getting to work, coming home from work, etc, etc. Our eyes are consciously or subconsciously taking in our surroundings all the time.

Let’s use the example of a local electrician working on building sites around their area.  Grabbing a little fence space of the job they are working on to hang their banner exposes their business to thousands of potential clients. Their contact details are there for everyone to see. No need to look up on the internet or Yellow Pages. They tell potential clients what they do, provide their contact details, tell them where they work (by virtue of having a sign in that area) and best of all the banner does it for them passively. Hundreds to thousands of views per day.


The reason that large companies advertise outdoors is that is where their customers are. It makes perfect sense to run integrated, multi-faceted advertising campaigns using mutliple delivery methods. What big brands do that small ones often don’t is, well, BRAND.

Bigger businesses have the luxury of spending money on building their brand equity. They bank on impressing their logo and message with an all-out assault on their customer’s senses. Outdoor banners or billboards are just part of their overall strategy – just a very cost effective one.

Smaller businesses can take advantage of this too. Building brand recognition via banner advertising is one of the most effective ways to convince potential customers of their good standing, their amazing product or service. Going back to our electrician example, people are more likely to trust businesses whose brands they have seen completing work locally. If that electrician were to leave a banner at every job site, it would go a long way to convincing clients that they are always in demand, or that they work on properties they aspire to, or simply that they have absorbed their name subliminially. A competing electrician whose brand recognition is zero starts a long way behind our our savvy marketer in competition for local business.


Businesses use outdoor banners to promote events or reinforce their promotion. Banners tell passers by of the new shops coming to the site they are passing, or of the amazing apartments they are building that they would like to sell to them.

The dollar value of advertising precisely where their business is taking place is immeasurable. For example, people that live in an area are more likely to buy their next home or investment in the same area. House hunters might pass a small billboard telling them that what they are looking for will be built in that very spot. It is virtually impossible to be more accurate, at least geographically.

Using banners to advertise ‘happenings’ is very common:

  • Advertising presales for building developments
  • Advertising upcoming events
  • Informing of local changes such as traffic
  • Seeking school enrolments by a certain date
  • Advertising retail or hospitality openings
  • Congratulating local teams or individuals on their achievements.

Local banners engage local audiences.


Vinyl and mesh banners last around 2 years in an outdoor application unless they have been laminated. This may seem like a short time to some people but in advertising land, it is a very long time.

A TV commercial lasts for about 15-30 seconds, a newspaper ad for one day, a magazine ad for one month – these forms of advertising just can’t compete with the incredible value and longevity of advertising banners.

Still not convinced by outdoor advertising. Check out some of these eyewatering statistics, even if they are from the US.


Our last reason to use banners for cost-effective advertising in local markets is for bragging! Business and organisations of all sorts love get credit for the good things they do.

The internet has made product reviews indispensable and it seems that there are awards for pretty much everything these days. If you gained some kudos you should let people know about it – otherwise what use is it.

Bragging rights banners are a very cost effective way of telling the local community how awesome your organisation is:

  • You won the grand final
  • You won a building award
  • You got a million 5 star reviews
  • You got married

Awards are for bragging rights and bragging rights are for banners.