Stadium and Sport Signage

In 2020 we made a decision to diversify away from events into areas less affected by COVID. Realistically everything was affected by Covid but organisations were able to maintain full sporting seasons in the midst of the chaos. This sounded safer to us than losing deal after deal because of cancelled events.

We are the newcomers on the block and we have seen that sports organisations are paying way too much for sports and stadium signage. We frequently beat quotes by 50% of more established competitors.

Street events like triathlons, marathons or road races have always a part of our make up. We produce endless lengths of scrim and mesh for CCB barriers – we recycle it too. We also produce flags, gazebos and inflatables so that we can provide most spring events with all their signage needs.

For stadiums we focus on both traditional rigid signs and soft banner way finding and promotional signs.

We are Sports Signage

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Printing for Stadiums and Sporting Organisations

At Focus Banners we offer a wide range or stadium signage and branding. We supply small single sport grounds to some of the largest multi sport and event stadiums in the country.

We also make a lot of signs for street events and roads races. The types of sports signs we make are:

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