Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners 440gsm in matt or gloss finish.

Keder, eyelets or pole pockets are available depending on the application.

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Vinyl banners are an ideal way to advertise your business when there is a solid background to attach the banner to. Vinyl displays perhaps the best print result as the material is solid and unperforated. We recommend vinyl when it is either attached to a solid fence or building. It can also be strung between two points (e.g. to star pickets).  Alternatively vinyl banners can be hung freely supported by a pole along the top and bottom as often seen in retail stores.

Vinyl skins are typically used to cover billboards and are attached with a system known as keder and sail track. Keder is a tubular extrusion which is welded along the edge of the PVC banner. This core is then slotted into an aluminium track which holds the banner in place and allows it to be tensioned.

Another method of attaching a banner to a solid wall is to use eyelets, washers and screws. It is relatively easy to attach banners to wooden fences using this method. This is a cheaper system than sail track and keder and nearly as effective. It does not look quite as clean as the grommets are visible unlike sail track which creates a straight border. As with all soft signs the important concern with installation is having the correct tension.

Another common application for solid vinyl banners is large format retail displays. More durable than paper or board vinyl up to 5 metres wide can be used for visual displays or to create a physical barrier between spaces. Printed onto matt or gloss vinyl the print result is outstanding. These banners are generally unfinished on the edges and have a pole pocket top and bottom. A rod is inserted into the top pocket which is generally hung from the ceiling with fishing monofilament line. The bottom pocket is used to create a weight, lightly tensioning the hanging banner. This type of application cannot be affected by wind.

Vinyl can be coated with a laminate to double the life of the banner inks and substrate. Anti-graffiti treatment is also available. PVC vinyl banners are unsuitable for temporary fencing or chainlink fencing. For this application banner mesh banners are a better solution.

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