Outdoor Paper Sign Board

Oppboga Outdoor Board is a sustainable paper replacement for foam board and corflute. The board can last 12 weeks in an outdoor setting. End of life for Oppboga Board is through standard kerbside recycling.
Oppoboga Outdoor is water-resistant. It is effective because the board is infused rather than coated. Pulp for the boards is sourced from FSC certified forests adding another tick.
The board is printable on both sides. It can also hold eyelets. It is possible to make custom shapes as well as traditional rectangular signs. Oppboga Outdoor is used for a variety of applications like election signs, hanging signs, bollard covers and infills for A-frame signs.
Oppboga also have a range of indoor boards that are used for retail display and packaging. Their mission is to replace plastics with recyclable paper boards.
Water-resistant paper board is ideal as a sustainable swap for corflute and other plastic signs.

How to Install Oppboga

Installing paper board signs:

  1. Use Command Strips or double sided tape if installing on a wall or window.
  2. Align with a spirit level to ensure the sign is level

To install paper board on an artists easel:

  1. Place on the easel
  2. Fix the back on with double-sided tape
  3. Position the canvas locks to securely hold the sign

Sustainable Election Signage

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Q&A Paper Board Signs

Q. Can paper board be cut into custom shapes?
A. Yes, paperboard can be cut into different sizes and shapes.

Q. Do we make paper board POS displays?
A. We do make  paper board displays and stands. Get in touch with us about your idea.

Q. Can paper board be used outside?
A. We offer both indoor and outdoor paper board. Outdoor boards last up to 3 months

Q. Can I write on printed paper board?
A. Paper board holds ink without smudging. It is ideal for writing on.

Q. Is paperboard sustainable?
A. Yes, absolutely. Made from renewable forestry and recycled in kerbside waste stream.

Q. Can paper board be used for recyclable election signs?
A. Paperboard should be madatory for election signs.

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