Corflute Triangle

Corflute triangles are designed to be used on the ground. Made from tough 5mm coreflute they are ideal sideline signage for sporting events. Our triangles come in two sizes 2400mm x 400mm (3 sided) or 1500mm x 550mm (upper sides) x 400mm.

We offer a choice of direct print in the economy model or the more professional looking vinyl wrapped sideline frames. The skins are easily interchanged in the vinyl model meaning it is possible to quickly change the design. Ideal for sporting grounds which host different sports throughout the season.

We provide our sideline corflutes with eyelets which can be used with ground spikes to weigh the signs down. Alternatively weights or sandbags can be used inside the triangular void. They join together with velcro allowing them to keep their shape, even after impact or in strong winds

The signs can be packed down flat for storage and installation takes seconds.

Sideline triangles are an ideal signage solution to offer sponsors in a branding package.

How to Install Corflute Triangle

Installing economy corflute triangles:

  1. Open up your triangle into the triangular shape
  2. Use velcro to join the underside and maintain the shape
  3. Use tent pegs in the eyelets to hold to the ground or use sandbags if on hard ground.

To install a vinyl covered corflute triangle:

  1. Install the triangle as in the previous step
  2. Use two people to slowly drape the vinyl cover over the triangle. The triangle has hook velcro attached and the banner has loop velcro on the edges.
  3. Start at the bottom of one side and ensure the cover is straight
  4. Slowly place the corflute over the centred down the other side.
  5. Adjust any unevenness.

Sideline Corflute Triangles

Sideline corflute triangles are a very cheap sideline branding solution. The signs pack down flat for easy storage. They are installed in a matter of seconds.

Corflute signs do not cause damage on collision however they are not self correcting. Once they have been collided with they should be reset. Our sideline foam bolsters are more expensive but they solve this problem.

They are often used at rugby league, rugby union, Australian rules, football, athletics, triathlon, ski races and anywhere where a flat surface and enough space between spectators and players is available.

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Q&A Corflute Triangle

Q. Can corflute be cut into custom shapes?
A. Yes, corflute can be cut into different sizes and shapes.

Q. Do we make corflute toblerones?
A. Yes, we make corflute signs for bollards. These are often referred to as toblerones because of their shape.

Q. Do we make corflute packaging?
A. We do make some corflute packaging if we are provided with the cutting instructions.

Q. How long do corflute signs last outside?
A.Signs made out of 5mm corrugated plastic can last 2-3 years outdoors

Q. What is the largest corflute sign you can make?
A. We can print up to 3 metre corflute signs

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