Reusable Cable Ties


Stop wasting resources with reusable cable ties

Black ties as UV resistant

Small 250mm x 7.2mm

Large 300mm x 7.2mm


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Reusable Cable Ties

Releaseable cable ties can be used many times. Releasable ties have a lever that allows them to be easily reversed. They are a great way to install banners and signs, particularly for short terms

Our nylon cable ties are made from top-quality Nylon 66 94V-2and are acid and corrosion-proof. They can be used between temperatures of -40 deg to + 85 deg C.

It isn’t recommended to trim the tag end once installed as it will make refitting more difficult. Turn tags behind the sign or banner to hide the long end.

Reusable banner zip ties will curl after use but will not greatly degrade between uses.

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250mm x 7.2mm, 300mm x 7.2mm

How to use Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable ties can be applied like regular zipties.

  1. Thread the tie through the eyelet and around the object it is being attached to
  2. Tighten lightly
  3. Turn the tag end behind the sign to hide from sight (tag end is the long leftover end after the lock)
  4. Tighten if necessary but it is recommended not to tighten to the maximum setting.

Removing reusable zip ties

  1. Press down on the release lever
  2. Either pull the lock in a reverse direction or push the tag end through lock
  3. A combination of methods may need to be used on tight cable ties.

Q. Can reusable cables ties be used many times?

A. Yes, they are reusable many times. After 12 months of exposure to strong UV they may be significantly weakened

Q. What do you recommend reusable zip ties for?

A. Ideally they are used for short installations like events.

Q. Are our cable ties strong?

A. Yes, our cable ties have a break capacity of 50kg so they will perform well in windy conditions.

Q. Is it easy to release the lock?

A. Using the lever can be a little sticky but 100% of cable ties can be removed and reused.

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