Pull Up Banners

Standard pull up banner

UV print on heavy matt PET

Lightweight and portable, includes carry bag

0.85m wide x 2.0m high

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Standard Pull Up Banners

Our Standard Pull Up Banners are a high quality, mid range stand, perfect for long term and frequent use. This is a single sided print, roll up banner starting from $125 for one including printed graphic, a carry case, and stable pull up banner stand.

The standard pull up banner is a 2m high and 850mm high stand. The graphic panel is printed in high resolution for sharp clear graphics and text.

We use a textured blockout PET substrate. This material has a textured surface which helps diffuse light, especially useful for photography. The blockout panel has excellent flatness properties and tensile strength.

The banner stand itself is a stable silver stand with two turn out feet, supplied in a carry case. This roller banner is printed with eco friendly UV inks which are highly scratch resistant and UV light stabilised.

What is a Pull Up Banner

A pull up banner is a self-standing, retractable banner stand, with a printed graphic panel. This panel is inserted into an aluminium spring-loaded base. Pull up banners can be rolled back into their own bases to protect the printed panel and makes transportation easy. When ready to use the printed panel is simply pulled up out of its base and hooked onto a pole. These stands are very easy to transport, quick to assemble and disassemble, lightweight and big enough to attract attention.

Uses for Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners have a multitude of uses and can be found at exhibitions, trade shows, shopping centres, reception areas, product launches, presentations, media events, museums and charity events - to name just a few uses. Pull up banners are most effective when being used to attract attention, create awareness, advertise special offers to passing customers or as backdrops to exhibition stands or media events. A well-designed roller banner delivers a strong visual message that can be easily seen from a distance.

There are many different names used for these types of stands. Pull up banners are also known as, roll up banners, roller banners, pop up banner stands or retractable banner stands. All these names refer to the same product.

If you have any questions about our pull up banners or would like to get a quote, please get in touch with us and we will be very happy to assist you.