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Pull Up Banner

One of the most popular displays we sell is the humble pull up banner. They are using a spring loaded retractable base and semi rigid film media. Roll up banners as they are also known are very easy to install and are maintenance free. They are also very portable and lightweight. Many of our customers use them for trade shows as they can be rolled back down into their base and transported easily.

Some of the applications for pull ups are: Trade Shows and Exhibition Displays, Presentations and Lectures, Corporate Events, Point of Sale and Retail Displays, Product Demonstrations, Product Launches, Conference Signage, PR Backdrop Display, Hotel Reception Signage.

Most recently this type of sign has been very effective in communicating Covid 19 messages.

These retractable banners are not ideal for outdoor displays in windy areas. They will last for many years in an internal environment. On some of the models we sell it is also possible to change the media - so changing your message doesn't mean a complete redo.

At Focus Banners we offer a range of from budget to premium, standard to extra wide, short to tall, single sided to double. The general rule with roller banners like these is that the wider the display, the more that the media will curl. Narrow displays using plastic media tend to look best. For wider displays it is possible to display the message over multiple banners. Double sided

Cheap pull banners use lightweight aluminium bases with plastic parts. These are intended to stay in a single place. It is still possible to use the cheap models multiple times. Premium roll up banners are more durable. They are made with heavier bases and metal parts so they . The media is the same on with both quality levels.

How to Install a Retractable Banner

  1. Remove the banner from its carry case and assemble the telescopic upright strut
  2. Insert the strut into the slot in the middle of the pull up banner
  3. Holding the strut in place start pulling the top of the banner toward the top of the strut.
  4. Once fully extended clip the rail of the banner top into the end of the strut.
  5. To retract the banner, gently release the top banner rail from the strut and guide it into the base.
  6. Dismantle the strut and store in the bag.

If you have any questions about mesh banner printing please call us on 1800 781 814 or contact us here.

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