Printed Table Cloth

Printed Table Cloths

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Custom Sizes available

Size : 4 ft (122 cm), 6 ft (183 cm), 8ft (244 cm)

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Printed Table Cloths

Custom printed table cloths are a great way of advertising a business and hiding table legs. Marketing materials can be hidden under the table cloth. Our clients have ordered customised table cloths for trade shows and promotional counters. Charity clients use them for shopping centre promotions.

You can buy custom table covers in three different styles.

  • The stretch table cloth is made from elasticised polyester that is similar to spandex. Use Stretch tablecloths for outdoor installations.
  • We use glossy polyester for our table fitted table throws. This creates a rectangular prism shape. it is possible to have 3 sided fitted covers to allow people to site at the table.
  • We use glossy polyester for our more traditional loose table throws. 3 sided and custom sizes are available.

At Focus Banners we offer table cloths in three standard sizes 4ft (1220mm), 6ft (1830mm) or 8ft (2440mm). We can also custom make table cloths to fit any size table or counter.

If you have any questions about printed table cloths please call us on 1800 781 814.

How to Install

How to Install Stretch Table Cloth:

1. Open up trestle table half way and rest it on its side

2. Place the stretch cover over the table top

3. Hook the bottom of the throw under the table legs

4. Extend the table legs and sit the table upright

5. We don’t recommend white table cloths for this style as they mark easily

Custom Printed Table Covers

Corporate branded table cloths are used at reception desks and trade shows across Australia. Businesses and charities print their logo onto the top, front or sides of the table cloth.

Promotional table cloths are also ideal for hiding print collateral in shopping centres where there is no storage available.

At Focus we are the true custom tablecloth printers as we can make any shape, any size table covers. We are also able to cover just about anything from boats to RV’s if you have a product launch.

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Q. Can we make custom sized table cloths?
A. Yes, we can make custom sized and shaped table cloths

Q. Can we make cloth covers for other items?
A. Yes, we have made covers for containers, cars and recreational vehicles before. We can make custom covers for pretty much anything.

Q. How do you sit at a table with a fitted table cloth?
A. The fitted table cloths make it impossible to sit behind them. We make a 3-sided table cloth for our clients that want to site behind the table.

Q. How long will a printed table cloth last before fading?
A. It will all depend on the exposure to UV light. Clients that use them indoors should get years of use from their printed tablecloth.

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