Polyester Mesh Banners

Polyester mesh banners or event mesh.

Ideal for events. Easy to install and bump out.

Lightweight and transportable.

Perfect for scaffold banners and speaker tower signage.

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Polyester Mesh Banners

Polyester mesh banners are lightweight and easy to transport from place to place. They are easily installed and removed making them ideal for use at events. The polyester material has a very open weave as well as wind perforations. This allows wind to pass through it easily.

Mesh is often used around stage and scaffolds for things such as stage backdrops, stage skirts, stage sides, stage valances and speaker stack covers. Event mesh banners can be customised up to a length of 10 metres and a height of 3.2 metres although if can be joined with a seam if need be.

Polyester banner mesh is very popular with councils and local tourism promoters. Events which require moving the overlay and branding to different locations benefit from this type of material. Polymesh or Duramesh as it is sometimes known can be used for crowd control barrier covers or gazebo sides.

This type of sign is best used for short term applications. They have a print life of up to 6 months. These banners can be recycled via our Bannerloop program.

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How to Install

How to Install Polyester Mesh Banners

Fabric mesh banners are generally installed on temporary fencing or crowd control barriers. They are generally used for events so we enourage the use of reusable toggle ties for installation. Banner toggle ties are simple to use and greatly reduce bum in and out time. To install an event scrim banner

  1. Fix one of the top corners to the top of the fence
  2. Walk the rest of the banner out to its full length and fix the other top corner loosely. This will keep the banner clean and dry.
  3. Starting from the original top corner, affix the eyelets sequentially. They should be tight but not taut. If they are pulled too tightly you risk damaging the banner or creating creases. Try to keep a straight line across the top of the banner.
  4. Once the top row is fixed move on the bottom row. Do not over tighten and create creases. The wind should fill out any slack.
  5. Never over tighten cable ties, keep them one or two notches from completely unmovable.
  6. Fix the side eyelets and check the banner for any pulling or creases.

About Mesh Fabric Banners

Fabric mesh banners are made from 110 gsm perforated polyester. The perforations allow wind to pass easily through the material reducing strain on eyelets and fences. We hem the edges to provide a strong fixing point. The hem can be either webbing or heavier duty vinyl.

The material itself is not highly UV stable over extended periods so these types of banners are better suited to short term applications.

We use a dye sublimation technique to transfer the inks to the fabric which results in stunning prints of high definition. Despite the perforations, it is possible to print high quality images with excellent image reproduction,

This product has some show through so messages can be seen from both sides of the banner.

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Q. Can Polyester mesh banners be recycled?
A. Yes, you can recycle polyester mesh banners via our Bannerloop program. Please contact us for details. The price of recycling is included in the price but will need to remove the eyelets before sending back to us.

Q. Are polymesh banners suitable for long term applications?
A. This type of material is not suitable for long term applications. It is best used as a lightweight mesh that is easily transported.

Q. What are the benefits of polymesh over banner mesh?
A. Banner mesh is made from PVC and is not only non recyclable, but it can be hazardous to dispose of. It can take up to 500 years to degrade. Polymesh is lighter, it can be folded into a small bundle, it is transported easily. It can be recycled or repurposed.

Q. Can high resolution artwork be printed on polymesh?
A. Yes, the print result on polyester mesh is excellent. The perforations can make the colour seem slightly faded in bright conditions but the benefit of wind passage more than makes up for it.

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