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Vinyl Banners 440gsm in matt or gloss finish.

Keder, eyelets or pole pockets are available depending on the application.

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Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Outdoor vinyl banners are a very popular way of advertising businesses. We produce a wide range of vinyl banners in our bannershop.

PVC banners and vinyl banners are the same thing. The V in PVC stands for vinyl. We also produce PVC banner mesh in our workshop.

Vinyl banners are for outdoor use. They are long lasting and reproduce images beautifully. Laminated banners or coated banners can last up to 4 years. Anti-graffiti banners are also available. They use a solvent to clean away graffiti as if it was never there.

The most common banner we sell is 440gsm front lit banner. Which means the light is provided on the front of the banner, ie sunlight. These are the banners that you see on roadside fences. The smaller the banner - the less it catches the wind.  Small banners work best for this application. Up to 1 metre high and 5 metres long. If they are larger then they eyelets are put under extreme strain and may fail.

Building hoarding banners create an opaque view to a building site.  A system called keder and sail track is used  (we will explain how to install below).  This creates the create perfect tension to keep the banner even. These banners can be up to 4 metres high and 100 metres long.

Hanging banners are a common application for large format retail displays or trade shows.  Hang banners are generally unfinished on the edges and have a pole pocket top and bottom. A rod is inserted into the top pocket which is hung from the ceiling with fishing monofilament line

In addition to hoarding banners and small outdoor vinyl banners we offer backlit vinyl for lightbox displays. In our banner store we also print double sided banners, as well as blockout banners that stop the light coming through from behind. We are experts in vinyl banner printing.

How to install a vinyl banner on a fence

  1. Preferably chose a solid fence (eg wood). Vinyl banners are best with the wind from behind blocked. If a banner is going on chain link fence or temporary fence then use a smaller banner size.
  2. Connect the top corners to the fence using tek screws and a large washer on wooden fences, or using cable ties on smaller fences. Do not use wire or stainless steel cable ties. Better for the cable tie to fail than the eyelet to rip out.
  3. Connect the rest of the top row with the chosen method from above. Install the banner at 90 degrees to the ground.
  4. Connect the rest of the eyelets using all of them. Do not over tension and create creases or pulls.
  5. Check your banner every few months for broken cable ties or signs of wear. Do not leave to flap in the wind not only looks bad but it will soon rub and fray.

How to install a vinyl banner between star pickets

  1. Drive in one star picket to the height of the banner. Ensure that the banner is shorter than the exposed bottom hole to allow for tensioning.
  2. Measure out the banner and leave 20mm extra between the pickets if you are using cable ties to fasten the banner. If you are using springs to maintain constant even tension then leave the length of the spring plus 20mm.
  3. Fasten the two top corners ensuring the banner is tight. the fasten the bottom corners.
  4.   Check your banner every few months. You may need to adjust the position of the poles, or add some rope to the top or bottom to create a level line and prevent banners drooping.

If you are in a windy location consider using  banner mesh banners.

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