Banner Mesh Panels

Mesh Banner Panels are ideal signage for building sites. Tough and reusable they can be placed on all temporary fences used in the building industry. They are ideal for smaller construction jobs where the street frontage is not very long. Builders’ Mesh Panels are much more flexible than longer sections of banner mesh.

As they are attached to individual temporary fence panels, the mesh banner is not left lying around, or worse yet removed by subcontractors less concerned about advertising. The banners are printed on premium banner mesh and are finished with eyelets around each side which ensures that undue pressure is not put on the top or bottom rows.

Builders experiencing problems with their temporary fencing falling over should consider panel banners as an alternative as a 2.4m banner does not create anything like the wind drag on longer sections.

Construction mesh banners are comply with all known health and safety regulations relating to fence coverings for construction site fences. Banner mesh panels are an extremely effective advertising medium which are remembered long after viewing. For builders advertising their own business they show potential clients the work they do. It is a subliminal cementing of their brand in the client’s mind. Larger building companies ensure that all their building sites are branded with banner mesh.

At Focus Banners we are experts at mesh banner printing. We have supplied builders with mesh banners since our business started and we can advise you on the correct product for your needs.

How to Install Banner Mesh Panels

Installation of smaller builders mesh panels is relatively easy:

  1. Remove the banner from its packaging keeping the printed side face up
  2. Use cable ties to fasten the top two corners. We recommend black cable ties that have a width of at least 7.5mm
  3. Do not worry about tensioning at this stage. Extend the banner to its full length.
  4. Use cable ties to work your way around all of the eyelets on the banner. It is best to leave a little slack so that the banner is not overly tight and creased. The wind will naturally billow out the banner so it looks evenly installed.
  5. Reposition the mesh if any eyelets are pulling the banner. The finish should be smooth and even, not crimped and creased.
  6. Use all the eyelets. This will be important in high winds.
  7. If you are using non reusable cable ties, use garden shears to trim the tag end and leave a clean finish. If you are using reusable cable ties then spin the tag end around the back of the banner.
  8. Once installed, check on your mesh every few months or so as cable ties do break when exposed to UV and wind. Replace any cable ties or double up in high wind areas. We do not recommend wire or stainless steel cable ties. It is preferable to break a cable tie than pull an eyelet out of the mesh.

Please be aware that winds of over 60kmph can damage mesh banners.  If you are expecting an extreme weather event then you may be better of temporarily removing the mesh from the fence.

Q&A Banner Mesh Panels

Yes, our panels can be fully customised. When measuring your temp fence panel, allow for the banner to sit inside the frame. This will give you the best fit.

Mesh banners designed to the shape of temporary fence panels perform far better in the wind than longer banners. There is a space in between each panel of a temp fence. This space allow wind to escape around the mesh, greatly lessening the wind loading on the banner. Fences might still blow over but we rarely see damage to eyelets caused by winds.

They are more expensive than longer banners because of the man hours involved with hemming and eyeletting them. They can be much better value though. They are much better in the wind and unlikely to be damaged. They also give clients more flexibility in changing their message without changing their entire banner.

Wind holes or wind slits are mostly ineffective against strong winds. In cases where strong persistant winds are present wind holes can be cut in situ with the prevailing wind coming from behind the banner. There is no point in cutting wind holes in banners where the wind is coming front on to the banner.

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