Oppboga Outdoor Paper Board

Oppboga Outdoor Board

A sustainable replacement for corflute and foamboard

100% recyclable and FSC certified

Curbside collection at end of life

Ideal for election signs or A-frame insets.

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Oppboga Outdoor Paper Board

Oppboga Outdoor Paper Board is a sustainable paper replacement for foam board and corflute. The board can last 12 weeks in an outdoor setting. End of life for Oppboga Board is through standard kerbside recycling.
Oppoboga Outdoor is water-resistant. It is effective because the board is infused rather than coated. Pulp for the boards is sourced from FSC certified forests adding another tick.
The board is printable on both sides. It can also hold eyelets. It is possible to make custom shapes as well as traditional rectangular signs. Oppboga Outdoor is used for a variety of applications like election signs, hanging signs, bollard covers and infills for A-frame signs.
Paper board signs are more environmentally friendly than other outdoor signs like corrugated plastic signs.  Paperboard signs last as long as an election campaign making them ideal for election signage. Many candidates claim green credentials but start with a campaign plastic signs.
Oppboga also have a range of indoor boards that are used for retail display and packaging. Their mission is to replace plastics with recyclable paper boards.

To install Outdoor Paper Signs:

Mounting election signs made from outdoor board size will dictate the method of installing. Install larger signs between two wooden stakes. Use tek screws and large washers in each corner of the sign. Mount smaller signs on a single stake using the same method.

To find out more about Oppboga board visit their website.
For a quote please call us on 1800 781 814  or send us a message