There is no denying that custom printed mesh panels are the one of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertise your business. As a builder or tradie you reach your target market, in the location they live, and a small price gets you thousands of views. Compare a banner to a newspaper ad, not only do banners last for up to 5 years, they also cost a lot less.

Our price includes premium mesh banners with hemmed edges, eyelets every 500mm, full coverage print and basic artwork. Click on the size below to view volume discounts. Minimum order 4 banners.

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Why are banner mesh panels so cool?

Designed to go on temporary fencing they tick a lot of boxes:




Banner mesh panels can be custom made to fit the exact dimensions of your temporary fence or choose from one of our premade sizes. We offer 2.4m x 1.6m and 2.4m x 1.8m. These sizes fit most fences. Need something bigger? No problem just let us know and we will make up a quote for you or visit our banner mesh roll page for really long runs. We offer bulk discounts on larger quantities so please let us know if you have a larger order.

More about Banner Mesh Panels

Mesh Banner Panels are ideal signage for building sites. Banner mesh is the gold standard for construction signage. Panel Banners are ideal for smaller construction jobs where the street frontage is not very long. Builders’ Mesh Panels are much more flexible than longer sections of banner mesh.

As they are attached to individual temporary fence panels, the mesh banner is not left lying around, or worse yet removed by subcontractors less concerned about advertising. The banners are printed on premium banner mesh and are finished with eyelets around each side which ensures that undue pressure is not put on the top or bottom rows.

Builders experiencing problems with their temporary fencing falling over should consider panel banners as an alternative as a 2.4m banner does not create anything like the wind drag on longer sections

Construction mesh banners are comply with all known health and safety regulations relating to fence coverings for construction site fences. Banner mesh panels are an extremely effective advertising medium which are remembered long after viewing. For builders advertising their own business they show potential clients the work they do. It is a subliminal cementing of their brand in the client’s mind. Larger building companies ensure that all their building sites are branded with banner mesh.

At Focus Banners we are experts at mesh banner printing. We have supplied builders with mesh banners since our business started and we can advise you on the correct product for your needs.

Reviews for Focus Banners

Tim L

Outstanding customer service from Marcus and his team. Banners are of the highest quality and were delivered within a week of initial phone call.
Great job Focus Banners

Karen S

Focus Banners were amazing to work with. Fast, high quality, great customer service, and fab pricing. Will be using them again for our next event for sure


Doris J

We use Focus Banners to supply hanging banners for our retail stockists. They are very reliable and well priced. We are very happy with their quality and service and so are our retailers.



Yes, our panels can be fully customised. When measuring your temp fence panel, allow for the banner to sit inside the frame. This will give you the best fit.

Mesh banners designed to the shape of temporary fence panels perform far better in the wind than longer banners. There is a space in between each panel of a temp fence. This space allow wind to escape around the mesh, greatly lessening the wind loading on the banner. Fences might still blow over but we rarely see damage to eyelets caused by winds.

They are more expensive than longer banners because of the man hours involved with hemming and eyeletting them. They can be much better value though. They are much better in the wind and unlikely to be damaged. They also give clients more flexibility in changing their message without changing their entire banner.

Wind holes or wind slits are mostly ineffective against strong winds. In cases where strong persistant winds are present wind holes can be cut in situ with the prevailing wind coming from behind the banner. There is no point in cutting wind holes in banners where the wind is coming front on to the banner.

Banner Mesh Panels – Advertising Gold for Builders and Tradies

Banner Mesh Panels – Advertising Gold for Builders and Tradies

Banner Mesh Panels – Advertising Gold for Builders and Tradies

Banner Mesh Panels – Advertising Gold for Builders and Tradies

Banner Mesh Panels – Advertising Gold for Builders and Tradies

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