Media Wall

Custom Printed Media Wall

Stretch polyester skin

Lightweight tubular aluminium frame

Choose from 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m widths

Assembled in 5 minutes



Media Walls

Media walls are ideal as a branded backdrop for television or photographs. Every post game interview and even events like the Oscars could not do without branded backdrops. They are a brilliant way of associating the event sponsor with the event. As photo backdrops they become a subliminal permanent memory.

Pop up media walls stretch a polyester skin over an aluminium frame. Polyester is a perfect backdrop for photography. The fabric reflects less light than a glossier PVC banner. Flash photography and harsh lighting do not create hash shadows with fabric media walls. Lens flare is rare.

Tools are not required for installation. The hardware is made from a very lightweight aluminium tube. The hardware and skin pack down into a small carry bag, making them practical to transport from event to event. They take up very little space in storage

Stretch fabric displays can be one component of integrated branding at trade show stands. Many trade displays use media walls to partition space.

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How to Install

How to Install a media wall

1. Layout the aluminium tube frame on the ground.

2. Check that all the parts are there and that there is no damage to the tubes or feet.

3. Attach the feet to the corresponding bottom tube section.

4. Assemble the rest of the frame.

5. Starting from the top, pull the polyester skin over the frame.

6. Adjust the skin to ensure there are no pulls or distortions. it needs to be evenly tight over the frame.

7. Use the zipper along the bottom edge of the skin to lock it into place.

Do not use stretch fabric walls for outdoor applications. Damage is likely to occur if the wind is strong.

We also offer matt PVC as an alternative to stretch fabric walls. Media Wall Banner is typically seen at TV press conferences.

Media Walls are made stretch polyester covers (skins) covering a lightweight aluminium tube frame. They are designed for indoor events or events sheltered from any breeze.

Our walls come in a number of different widths. Our sizes are 1.5m x 2.25m; 2m x 2.25m; 2.4m x 2.25m; 3m x 2.25m; 4m x 2.25m and 6m x 2.25m.

Single sided and double sided printing are available.

Our stretch fabric walls are easily erected with two people in about 10 minutes. We also offer a 12 month warranty.

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Q. Can media walls be used outside?
A. Media walls are made from a light aluminium tubular frame. The frame can buckle easily if it is mishandled or buffeted by the wind. We recommend that media walls are only used indoors.

Q. Are our media walls free standing?
A. Our media walls are freestanding. They have feet which attach to the base of the frame. Prints are available in single sided or double sided.

Q. Can our media walls be used as green screen?
A. Media walls can be printed green or blue for use as chroma key backgrounds. Our walls are made of stretch polyester fabric providing a wrinkle and seam free finish. Pair chroma key backdrops with your lighting and software of choice and you can be anywhere in the world.

Q. What sizes do media walls come in?
A. Our media backdrops range from 2 metre wide to 6 metres. They are 2.25m high.

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