Inflatable Arch

High pressure Inflatable Arch

Custom Printed Skins

Easy to interchange skins

3m and 5m sizes

Rectangular arches and circular arches



High Pressure Inflatable Arches

Inflatable arches are common at race events like marathons, triathlons, road races and fun runs. Our inflatable arches are made from extremely tough TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). They are airtight so they only need to inflated once.
Our promotional arches come in rectangular or semi circular as well as double arch varieties. We can even custom make your size and shape for you.
Custom printed graphics are easily interchanged allowing specific branding for different events.
High pressure arches cannot be overfilled. They have an overfill release valve. Made from the highest quality materials and finishing they will last many years

How to Install

How to Install Your Inflatable Arch

  1. Unpack the arch and unfurl it in its final position
  2. Locate the zippers on each side of the arch
  3. Open the zippers and insert a sandbag on each side of the arch
  4. Locate the inlet valve
  5. Loosen and connect the fan
  6. Turn on the blower
  7. Fill until the arch is very hard. If it is full air will start to escape from the overfill valve.
  8. Arches must be secured safely with ropes and weights as ballast.
  9. The golden rule about weighting the arch is that too much is never enough.

Inflatable Finish Arches

Inflatable finish line arches are essential for many race events. They are also ideal promotional opportunities.

High pressure arches only need to be inflated once instead of providing constant air via a blower. This not only looks much better but cuts down trip hazards and air blower noise.

Advertising or message can be easily changed by replacing the exterior skin. Event owners or organisers only need to purchase one arch for all their events and simply replace the skin for each event.

They are easily inflated and deflated. The structure is made from very tough TPU so they will not break easily. They can be repaired if they are punctured and the advertising skin provides great cover for the patch.

We offer a range of inflatables in different shapes and sizes. Speak to us today about your needs

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Q. Do I need to provide power for the arch?
A. No, our inflatable arches only need to be blown up once for each event.

Q. Do I need a special high pressure air pump?
A. No, just a regular air pump will work

Q. Can I repair punctures?
A. It is very hard to puncture our arches but they can be repaired if they are punctured.

Q. Can I change the advertising on the arch?
A. Yes, it is easy to change advertising or message by changing the skins.

Q. Are custom shapes available?
A. Custom shapes and sizes are available in our high pressure arch range.

Q. Are inflatable arches easy to pack down?
A. yes, simply reverse the direction of the air pump to release all the filled air. Then fold into the bag provided with the arch.

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