Pop Up Banners

Pop-up banners are outdoor signs ideal for creating a professional branded look to any sporting field or event. Within seconds these temporary signs can turn an otherwise blank field into a branding opportunity for you or your sponsors.

Pop out banners come in all shapes and sizes. They are essentially a printed polyester skin stretched over a stainless steel frame. The frame is bendable wire that pops up to create a sign much larger than the bag it comes in. They are the ultimate temporary sign. They are very lightweight and transportable because of their size.

Using digital printing we are able to recreate very detailed graphics and images on outdoor pop up banners. When designing po up banners it is best to keep it simple. Promotional banners like these are used for branding rather than information in most cases. In other words, keep the message simple and use the banner space to showcase the logo rather than peripheral information.

Categories: Indoor Signs

How to Installa a pop up banner

Installation of a pop up banner:

1. Remove the banner from the carry bag

2. It will automatically open to its full size and shape

3. Fasten the velcro ties to keep the banner in its correct place+

How to fold a pop out banner:

1. Each pop-up will have a slightly different way of folding the banner so it is best to check how as soon as you release it from its carry case.

2. Remove the pegs or weights and release the velcro

3. Ensure that the ties are sitting evenly before folding

4. For the bean or pill shaped pop up banner grab it in the middle of the long sides

If you have any questions about outdoor pop ups or other branding please call us on 1800 781 814 or contact us here.

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PVC mesh banner


 Media walls are made from a light aluminium tubular frame. The frame can buckle easily if it is mishandled or buffeted by the wind. We recommend that media walls are only used indoors.

Our media walls are freestanding. They have feet which attach to the base of the frame. Prints are available in single sided or double sided.

Media walls can be printed green or blue for use as chroma key backgrounds. Our walls are made of stretch polyester fabric providing a wrinkle and seam free finish. Pair chroma key backdrops with your lighting and software of choice and you can be anywhere in the world.

Our media backdrops range from 2 metre wide to 6 metres. They are 2.25m high.

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