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Floor Stickers or Decals

Floor stickers are a very effective way to communicate with customers or patrons. Non-skid stickers are able to be applied to a wide variety of floor surfaces and will stay in place for months.

Also known as floor decals, they are ideal for reinforcing the message of social distancing. Covid signs are here to stay for the short to medium term. Stickers placed at recommended distances remind your clients to keep their distance and help prevent the spread of the disease.

Floor stickers are laminated with a strong film creating the non-slip finish which is very durable. The laminate also protects the sticker from the wear and tear of foot traffic. The message remains clear and vibrant and the sticker remains intact.

We offer floor decals in inside and outside durability. They can be custom sized, custom shaped and carry custom messages.

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How to Install

How to Install Floor Stickers

1. Clean the floor throughly with alcohol (preferably isopropynol) and allow to the surface to dry.

2. Peel back a 2cm section of the backing and line the sticker up on the floor where you want it positioned.

3. Adhere the sticky side to the floor and test for adhesion. If the sticker is not gripping you may not be able to install the sticker in that position.

4. Slowly and evenly peel the backing tape away from the sticky side. Using a squeegee or flat surface, smooth the sticky side on to the ground a few centimetres at a time.

5. Work out any air bubbles by pushing them to the sides.

6. Flatten the sticker with downward pressure.

Floor Decals

Floor stickers are made using a strong self-adhesive vinyl then laminated with a non slip and ultra strong coating.

We offer indoor and outdoor stickers, as well as our range of wall stickers and wall papers.

There is no need to feel bound by traditional shapes. We can customise the shape in anyway. It is best not to create thin designs though.

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Q. Are floor decals safe to walk on?
A. Yes, floor decals have an anti slip coating. Outdoor films are extremely slip resistant. Indoor films can be slippery if wet so keep them sry.

Q. Do floor stickers last long?
A. It depends on your definition of a long time but they do stand up to fairly heavy traffic. Replace them when they are starting to wear.

Q. Are floor decals easy to remove?
A. Floor graphics can be fiddly to remove. Firstly try to remove as much as possible with your fingers. If it doesn’t pull away you can try a thin plastic scraper or credit card. If you are still finding it difficult to remove your sticker, heat it up with a hair dryer until the adhesive comes away from the floor.

Q. Are floor decals difficult to apply?
A. Floor stickers are not difficult to apply but they do take some patience. Ensure the floor is absolutely clean and use a squeegee to ensure an even, bubble free application.

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