Teardrop Flags

Their large size and vibrant colours make them hard to miss. The main benefit of teardrop flags is height, which delivers the message above the confusion of ground level. Perhaps most commonly seen in car yards where the benefits of these outdoor flags are obvious.

What is a teardrop banner?
Teardrop flags are also known as banner flags, sail signs, beach banners, wind flags or advertising flags. They get their name from the teardrop shape. The shape is created by sewing a polyester teardrop shape with a pole pocket on the edge. The flag is inserted over a high=quality fibreglass pole and pulled in shape with strings that are fastened to a holding sleeve. This keeps the banner permanently tensioned and creates an interesting shape.

Uses for teardrop flags
Teardrop flags are for applications requiring the message to be higher than ground level. Common applications for teardrop flags are car yards, boatyards, sporting events, school carnivals, factory outlets, auto shops, and just about anywhere where outdoor advertising will help bring the attention of passers-by.

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How to Install a Teardrop Flags or Banners

1.Ensure to chose a base suitable for the ground it will sit on

2. Use ground spikes for soft ground, heavy bases for level ground and lightweight legs for internal applications

3. Remove the flag from its back and attach the spigot to the base firmly. Tighten with a spanner

4. Assemble the telescopic flagpole.

5. Thread the pole through the pocket on the side of the banner until the very end.

6. Use the string to firmly pull the flag fabric as low as you can then fix it to the plastic sleeve.

7.Inset the flag pole into the spigot.

Not quite sure about the shape? Check out our feather flags or rectangle flags.

Q&A Teardrop Flags

Q. How long does the print last on a teardrop flag?

Q. Are teardrop flags safe in the wind?

Q. Are teardrop flags recyclable?

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