Rectangle Flags

Rectangle flags are an excellent signage option. Although less popular than teardrop or feather flags they are more often used in an indoor environment or around buildings.

What is a rectangle flag?
Rectangle flags are also known as banner flags, sail signs, beach banners, wind flags or advertising flags. They get their name from their rectangular shape. The shape is created by sewing a polyester rectangular shape with a pole pocket on the edge. The flag is inserted over a high quality fibreglass pole which is joined at right angles creating the tall rectangular form. This banner is not tensioned but held in place by gravity

Uses for rectangle banners
Rectangle flags are best suited for applications requiring the message to be higher than ground level. Common applications for rectangle flags are exhibitions, car yards, boat yards, sporting events, factory outlets, auto shops, and just about anywhere where outdoor advertising will help bring the attention of passers by. This type of flag is very popular at school sports carnivals for organising teams and houses.

How to Install a Rectangle Flags

Rectangle Flag Uses

PVC mesh banner


 Media walls are made from a light aluminium tubular frame. The frame can buckle easily if it is mishandled or buffeted by the wind. We recommend that media walls are only used indoors.

Our media walls are freestanding. They have feet which attach to the base of the frame. Prints are available in single sided or double sided.

Media walls can be printed green or blue for use as chroma key backgrounds. Our walls are made of stretch polyester fabric providing a wrinkle and seam free finish. Pair chroma key backdrops with your lighting and software of choice and you can be anywhere in the world.

Our media backdrops range from 2 metre wide to 6 metres. They are 2.25m high.

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