Black CCB Cover Hire

Crowd control barrier covers turn CCBs into advertising platforms. Our most popular model is made from stretch polyester with holes for the locks. They can be installed in a matter of seconds and removed in the same time.

We have quite a few different polyester fabrics which we used for different effects. As we generally make our CCB skins from a solid polyester they are not ideal for outdoor high wind areas but they are fine in most normal weather conditions

Our crowd control barrier sleeves are custom made for each client. There are many sizes of crowd control barrier in Australia and we take the size and location of the link apparatus and create an individual template. The design fits on the template and once printed we sew in hook and loop velcro for easy attachment.

Our crowd control barrier sleeves are often used for sporting events, festivals and  premieres.

How to Install our black hire CCB cover

To install a stretch polyester sleeve:

  1. Only use TFH  2.5m x 1.1m CCB Covers. The covers will not fit on any other CCB.
  2. Apply the top half of one side, gently ensuring that the top holes match up with the locks.
  3. On the other side of the CCB, gently pull the fabric so that it easily extends beyond the locks and then guide the locks through the holes.

To remove a stretch polyester CCB

  1. Ensure that the cover is dry. Covers need to be air dried before sending back.
  2. Do not tumble dry
  3. Remove the covers gently by following the reverse method installation.
  4. Note any damaged covers and inform us.

Why hire a CCB cover?

Let’s face it, CCBs are not the prettiest things.

Over the past few years we have been asked by event companies for hire covers to hide the CCB. We were resistant because of the varied types and sizes of CCBs. By using the TFH CCB we are now able to provide the service.

If the budget just won’t stretch to a full set of customised CCB covers then utilise hire covers to fill the spaces.

Hire covers can be used for all types of events from sporting events to weddings.

vinyl printing

Q&A CCB Sleeves

Q. How long can I hire CCB covers for?
A.  We generally hire our covers in 3 day periods which covers the event plus bump in and out. We can arrange for longer periods too.

Q. How does it work?
A. You need to hire TFH crowd control barrier covers. We will send you the covers in time for your event. Delivery to the event and back are covered in the quote.

Q. Do I need to clean them after an event?
A. You don’t need to clean the covers although we expect that they are returned in a clean condition.

Q. What if I damage a hired cover?
A. We can repair most issues with the covers. Replacement costs need to be paid if the covers are lost or damaged.

Q. How much does it cost to hire CCB covers?
A.  A typical 3 day hire costs $20 per cover.

Q. When does it become more economical to buy covers?
A.  It becomes more economical to buy your own set of covers if you are using covers frequently, or if you intend to use them for over 2 weeks.

Q. Do the covers fit all CCBs?
A. The covers only fit TFH CCBs. If you have different size CCBs you may need to hire CCBs instead or purchase custom made covers.

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