Crowd Control Barrier Banners

Printed crowd control barrier cover. Custom made with polyester mesh. Can be made to fit all crowd control barriers in Australia.


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Crowd control barrier covers are ideal branding mediums for events. CCB covers are visually outstanding with the ability to print high resolution detailed images with photo like results.

Single sided covers are ideal for most situations. They are cheaper than the double sided CCB sleeves. Single sided crowd control barrier banners are ideal when one side of the cover will be covered by the audience anyway.

Focus Banners make our printed crowd control banners from polyester mesh which means they are lightweight and very easy to install with cable ties. Our printed barrier fence covers are also very as easy to remove and store. Polyester is a fabric which does not wrinkle very much so CCB covers can simply be folded into in small form and stored in a box until the next event.

We finish our CCB banners banners by sewing a reinforced hem and then adding eyelets every 500mm. Ideally the covers are made to sit just inside the metal framework of the barrier ensuring a very tight fit of perfect size. We also cut the upper corners on an angle to allow for the curved corners of the barrier.

Using polyester mesh allows even the strongest winds to pass safely through the crowd control fence alleviating a potential hazard. The covers also mean that limbs and other body parts of spectators are not poking through the barriers making it safer for everyone.

Our crowd control barrier covers are often used for athletics events where there is a televised media presence as well as a lot of spectators. The branding and advertising opportunities created by advertising on crowd control barriers cannot be underestimated. Stakeholder and advertisers rarely get such a great opportunity to have their brands displayed in such prominent locations.

Crowd control banners are also used at other sporting events, music events, festivals, product launches and activations, markets, movie openings and even on construction sites.

We offer also offer our barrier covers in double sided slips or sleeves from solid polyester which creates a fantastic elegant look. For construction sites or street safety fencing we also offer our CCB banners in PVC mesh which is ideal for applications where strength and durability are required.