Branded Seat Covers

Create VIP areas or brand empty stadium seats with our custom printed seat covers. Branded seat covers are customised to fit different stadium, cinema or theatre seats. They simply slide on like a sock and are removed just as quickly. They are made from stretch polyester so they give when patrons rest their backs on them.

Seat covers are also ideal for creating exclusion areas during Covid or filling otherwise empty seats with advertising messages. Our seat covers are designed for individual seats but we can customise them to suit your seats.

Seat jackets can be secured to stop them riding up. Each seat is different and we encourage our clients to use a trial fitting prior to fulfilling a larger order.


How to Measure Your Seats for Covers

Bleacher seat covers are custom made and custom printed. Every chair is different and each customer may have a a different size requirement.

We recommend that customers give themselves time to find the perfect fit. That fit may involve using velcro or tabs to anchor the cover down and prevent it from riding up.

The best way to measure your seats for branded covers is to tell us the following dimensions:

  • measure the width at the top
  • measure the desired length
  • measure the width at the widest part
  • measure the depth at the top and at the bottom

Ideally a few pictures so we can picture the seat and design a cover accordingly.

Q&A Customised Seat Covers

Q. How to I measure up for the seat cover?
A. Decide if your cover is going to cover part of the backrest or all of it. Measure the height and width of the cover. Provide detailed photographs so we understand how the seat is constructed.

Q. How do I design a custom seat cover?
A. Once you have sent us your measurements then we can send you a template or  creat the design for you.

Q.What can I use branded seat covers for?
A. Branded seat covers are primarily used for advertising. They can be used to create VIP areas, display advertising on empty seats or to set up exclusion zones or social distancing.

Q. Who orders customised seat covers?
A. Seat covers are ordered by sponsors of sporting events, stadiums and sports grounds, swimming centres, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, function centres, convention centres, lecture halls. The uses are limitless.

Q. Can seat covers be used outside on outside seats?
A. The stretch polyester is not waterproof but covers can be used outside or inside.

Q. How long does it take to install?
A. Installation is a matter of seconds.

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