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Premium 12 x 12, Standard 9 x 9, Wind Mesh 6 x 6


50m x 1.6m, 50m x 1.8m

How to Install

How to Install Mesh Banners

To install banner mesh on temporary fencing or cyclone wire fencing follow these steps for a crease-free installation:

  1. Identify the starting point of the mesh banner and take the banner out of its packaging.
  2. Leaving it on the roll, attach the top corner loosely with a cable tie.
  3. On flat installs, ensure the top row is straight and start fixing every second eyelet with cable ties.
  4. Work for 5-10 metres along the top row before coming back to fix the bottom row. Ensure that the banner is not overly taut and that there is a small amount of play in the cable tie. This will prevent pulling and creases.
  5. Repeat step 4 until the end of the banner. Then fix the side eyelets, and any missing eyelets along the top and bottom rows. It is important to use all the eyelets to disperse the wind drag as evenly as possible.
  6. Adjust any cable ties which are too tight. You may need to replace them.
  7. Snip the tag ends of the cable ties and roll the lock to the rear of the banner for a clean finish.

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Q. What is a mesh banner roll?
A. A 50m length of banner mesh.

Q. Is Banner Mesh better to use in windy conditions?
A. Banner Mesh is a much better solution on open fences. The perforations allow wind to travel through the mesh, relieving wind drag on the eyelets.

Q. Can banner mesh handle any wind?
A. Different size perforations are available to counter winds but in most cases premium mesh won’t blow fences over.

Q. Should I cut wind holes in mesh to relieve the wind drag?
A. Wedont recommend it except in extreme wind situations where the predominant wind comes from behind. To be effective the wind holes must be very large. We recommend a more open weave as a more effective solution.

Q. How long do mesh banners last?
A. When it is well looked after, banner mesh can last up to 4 years. Obviously the print will be faded and the material will be quite brittle at this point but it would still be standing.

Q. Can banner mesh rolls be used for multiple jobs?
A. Yes, they can. Roll it up on a core once a job is finished and move it to another site.

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