Banner Toggle Ties


Sick of cable ties?

Try our reusable toggle ties. 11cm or 15cm cords.

Save massive time in bump in/out.

Save cable ties ending up in landfill

Made from recycled polypropylene



Banner Toggle Ties

Banner toggle ties are a reusable replacement to cable ties. They are both more gentle on the environment than single use nylon cable ties. They can be reused countless times, keeping non-recyclable nylon out of landfill.

Banner ties speed up bump in and out times by up to 75% because of their ease of installation and removal. Simply loop through the eyelet and frame and attach the loop of the bungee cord around the ball. The tie is self tightening so no need to worry about pulling the cable tie together and trimming the tab end. The banner moves with the wind because of the flexibility in the tie so banners crease less than with cable ties.

If you have single sided banners or corflute the ball can be hidden on the back side creating a very clean finish.

If you have any questions about toggle ties please call us on 1800 781 814 or contact us here.

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11cm, 15cm