Banner Mesh Panels


Mesh Banners for individual temporary fencing.

2.4m x 1.6m fits most temporary fences.

Allows wind to flow through the banner and under.

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Banner Mesh Panels are ideal signage for building sites. Tough and reusable they can be placed on all temporary fences used in the building industry. They are ideal for smaller construction jobs where the street frontage is not very long. Builders’ Mesh Panels are much more flexible than longer sections of banner mesh.

As they are attached to individual temporary fence panels, the banner mesh is not left lying around, or worse yet removed by subcontractors less concerned about advertising. The banners are printed on premium banner mesh and are finished with eyelets around each side which ensures that undue pressure is not put on the top or bottom rows.

Builders experiencing problems with their temporary fencing falling over should consider panel banners as an alternative as a 2.4m banner does not create anything like the wind drag on longer sections.

Construction mesh banners are comply with all known health and safety regulations relating to fence coverings for construction site fences. Banner mesh panels are an extremely effective advertising medium which are remembered long after viewing. For builders advertising their own business they show potential clients the work they do. It is a subliminal cementing of their brand in the client’s mind. Larger building companies know this and ensure that all their building sites are branded with banner mesh.

If a builder owns their own temporary fencing there is no need to remove the banner mesh, simply pack up the temporary fence panel with the banner attached and take it to the next job – instant advertising.

In areas of extreme winds, more porous banner mesh is available that allows the wind to travel through it easier and creating less wind drag on the fence. We also strongly recommend banner mesh panels to be made 1.6m (1600mm) rather than the other stock height of 1.8m. Many temporary fences are actually slightly shorter than 1.8m which means that you are unable to properly tension the mesh. If banner mesh is not well tensioned it can look baggy and there will be movement created by the wind. If banner mesh moves it can crease and the inks on the material can be affected.