Aluminium Composite Panel Signs

Aluminium Composite Signs

Suitable for outdoor or indoor use

Heavy duty signage for buildings

Up to 2.4m long boards available

Custom sizes and shapes



Aluminum Composite Panel Signs

Aluminium composite panel signs are some of the most common types of signs. Generally seen as permanent signage for businesses aluminium is a long life signage product.
ACP is made with two thin outer layers of aluminium wrapped around a foam core. This gives the product its lightness and also its strength. Aluminium will last a lot longer than corrugated plastic or foamboard so it is used for building signage where the application is longer than 12 months.
Aluminium signs are used on building sites where the sign can be taken from job to job. ACP is virtually unbreakable with normal wear and tear and signs can last up to 7 years depending on their exposure to UV light.
Aluminium signs are made by applying a long term PVC sticker to the face of the panel. The sticker is generally laminated to prolong the life of the print. A telltale sign that an alumimum sign needs replacing is that it will look sunburnt. Signs that look red or cracked with age should be refaced or replaced.
ACP can be cut into custom shapes with an CNC router and has numerous application methods depending on the use.
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How to Install

Installing aluminium signs:

  1. Use rapid set adhesive to glue straight onto smooth surfaces.
  2. Align with a spirit level to ensure the sign is level

To install alumium signs with rivets:

  1. Screw through the sign and backing
  2. Apply the rivet
  3. Use a coloured rivet or cover the rivet head with a small coloured sticker
  4. Position the canvas locks to securely hold the sign

To install the sign with a stand off bracket:

  1. Detemine how many stand off brackets you will need to adequately support the sign.
  2. Apply the bracket into the wall ensuring the sign will be level.
  3. Align the holes in the sign to the brackets and drill the holes in the sign
  4. Screw the sign to the brackets.

Permanent Signs

If you are considering a permanent sign for your business then you should consider alumimium composite panel signs. This type of sign is widely used for business signage because of its hard wearing capabilities and how well it presents.

ACP can be cut into custom shapes and it can be applied on a wide variety of backings.

Composite signs are very good for way finding signage as well. ACP is often used for awning signage or for fascia signs.

Aluminium signs are often used as metal panel signs supported by posts. Composite cannot be bent by the forces of nature and it is waterproof

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Q. Can aluminium panels be cut into custom shapes?
A. Yes, ACP can be cut into different sizes and shapes.

Q. Are Alucobond signs light?
A. Yes, alucobond signs are very lightweight but also rigid and durable.

Q. Are aluminium signs used for permanent signs?
A. Yes, aluminium is one of the longest lasting signs. Only hand painted signs will last longer but there are not many traditional signwriters anymore.

Q. Can aluminium signs be graffitied?
A. Yes, signs can be graffitied. We recommend a non-sacrificial anti graffiti laminate so that graffiti can be easily removed.

Q. Can aluminium signs be resurfaced?
A. Yes, signs can be changed by removing the self adhesive sticker however that is not always possible to do cleanly and may cost more than a new sign.

Q. Can alumimium composite be recycled?
A. Theoretically yes but ask your local metal recycler.

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