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A Frame Sign

A frame signs are a highly portable sign that can display information on a flat surface. A-frames are very good in light to moderate winds because of their design. Many businesses will use A-frame signs by moving them in and out of their premises each day.

There are a number of different types of sandwich board style signs:

  • All-weather a frame signs are made from aluminium composite backing. Aluminium composite is water proof and hard wearing. The message on this type of a frame is more permanent.
  • Corflute inset a frame signs have slots that house corflute signs. Change the message as frequently as you like. The corflute sign inserted into the slots are relatively cheap to produce.
  • Snap A frame signs. These signs are ideal for indoor applications. The snap feature is the anodised metal edges which snap a poster in place. The message in snap frames is able to be changed in seconds.
  • Blackboard a frame signs - simply use chalk

A frame sign boards are an ideal signage solution for retail stores, hotels, restaurants and pubs.  Real estate agents and even tradesmen use these signs because of their portability. A frame signs for schools are perfect for relaying messages to parents without them having to enter the school grounds. Social distancing a frame signs are effective in maintaining safe personal spacing.

How to Install A-Frame Signs

  1. Carry the A-frame to its resting position
  2. Open the a-frame sign to its fullest extent and lock in the hinges
  3. In windy areas it may be necessary to add a weight to the legs

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