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Giant inflatable flags

Giant Inflatable Flags

Giant Inflatable Flags

10m tall so impossible to miss

Packs down for transport and storage

Interchangeable flag


Product Info

Giant Inflatable Flags

How To Install

To install a giant inflatable flag:


  1.  Move into position near the final deployment area
  2. Use the pump to inflate the bladder
  3. Be careful not to overfill although the air release valve will ensure the pressure is not too high
  4. Install the guide ropes with pegs to keep the flag in position.
To remove simply deflate the giant inflatable flag and pack it into its storage bag.

Key features

Giant Inflatable Flags

  • Various sizes available from 6m to 10m
  • TPU bladder means that the flag is airtight and only needs to be inflated once.
  • Skins are easily changed so one inflatable can be used for numerous events.
  • Comes with a pump and guide ropes


Giant inflatable flags


Polyester Mesh Banner


These are made from quality 100g/sqm warp knit fabric. Inflatable frame and base consist of internal TPU tube, encased in heavy duty fabric.

The packaging is easy to assemble, lightweight and has a high-quality robust material. These are great tools for your branding.

Once inflated, your flag will maintain its air pressure for approximately 24 to 36 hours. 

These are great for festivals, company events, car shows, sporting events, recruitment, and job fairs.