Creatives, Designers and Agencies

The world of print is constantly changing. New technologies in printing and materials can create amazing end results. But even we are often overwhelmed by the possibilities, let alone poor creatives tasked with creating ‘amazing’. So let’s collaborate, we will share our knowledge and work with you to create amazing outcomes for your clients.

If you have an idea for something unique then let’s work together to create it.

We understand the importance of presenting your design in its best possible light, or at least the best within the budget. Our quality will never let you down.

Speak with us if you would like to resell printing and signage to your clients and we will help you to achieve a little more income in these tough times.

We also have a local and international network of like-minded companies that we can work with to create a wide variety of campaigns. We want to deliver convenience to our clients so we can be part printer, part fabricator and part print broker.

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Agencies and Designers


Printing for Creatives, Designers and Agencies

Designers design, agencies manage, Focus Banners produces.

We see ourselves as a vital partner in the process of satisfying clients and sponsors. Designers come to us because we can handle a wide range of print and branded products.

If you are a designer that works with construction clients we are able to offer prices that allow you to make a little extra for your troubles. You don’t need to worry about quality as it will be the best on the market.

Agencies specialising in the retail industry will find that we are able to produce all their needs under one roof. We can handle print and promotion and the logistics to move around all parts of the country. Multi faceted print and signage jobs are coordinated and dispatched to save money and most importantly your time.

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