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Event Signs and Banners come in all shapes and sizes. Our mission at Focus Banners is to make amazing signage at amazing prices. We also aim to be the most environmentally responsible signage company – check out our green credentials. Why don’t you join us in resetting the way we think about event signage.

Signage For Council Events

We pride ourselves on offering affordable event signage. We understand that councils are at the heart of all community events. Without local councils, events simply wouldn’t happen so branding events is crucial to let people know of your contribution.

Many council teams are now working towards sustainable events but they don’t consider signage. From directional signage to major event branding, we can offer environmentally friendly solutions that go beyond single use. Be a leader in your community in advocating signs that don’t end up in landfill.


Fabric Banners Are The Future!

Fabric banners are perfect for events. Lightweight and easy to install, they are also durable and mostly recyclable. Unlike PVC banners they are far less bulky and harmful to the environment. At Focus we operate our own inhouse polyester banner stewardship program and we will take back any recyclable banners purchased from us for repurposing or recycling. Speak to us about how we can make your event signage zero waste. More info>>

Banner Toggle Ties Save An Awful Lot Of Waste

Many major event organisers are now moving away from the terrible waste single use cable ties create. Organisations like Ironman, Gold Coast Major Events, Event Co and Bicycle Network have now switched to banner toggle ties which are reusable infinite times. They also have the advantage of being far quicker for installs and bump outs so double bonus! We are the direct importers of banner toggles so come direct to us and save. More info>>

Get Your Waste Sorted!

Let us help you get your event waste sorted with our range of bin covers. The secret to sustainable events starts with what you do with the rubbish your guests create. Send your events waste to be recycled or composted and hopefully your red bins will be largely empty. At Focus we have different solutions to help you achieve your sustainability goals and a cover for just about anything.

Bin Covers

Let’s Take It Outdoors

We can all agree that Covid has been simply awful for events and tourism. It is safer to be outdoors than in. So join other councils in creating outdoor precincts. Our custom branded furniture can help you to identify and promote your outdoor areas. Made from sustainably sourced timber and recyclable polyester our branded deckchairs are perfect for setting the scene. Ask us how we can help you to create a branded outdoor space in your local area. More info>>

Finally a green signage company

We’ll admit that not everything we do is environmentally friendly. Signage materials are a long way from that ambition but we are at the leading edge of companies changing the way event organisers think about signage.

Carbon Neutral

Our business is carbon negative - we buy twice as many carbon credits than carbon we emit so we cover your deliveries too.

Green Power

We buy energy only from renewable sources. Our power provider Diamond Energy received 5 stars from Greenpeace 2022


We have our own programs for recycling and repurposing many of the products we sell. We also produce a sustainable signage guide.

Responsible Product

We are committed to working with our clients to create better outcomes for the environment so please get in touch and see how we can help you reach your environmental goals.

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