All about A-frame signs

An a-frame sign is a great investment for your shop or business. If your business craves the attention of passers but you are on a budget then an A-frame sign is the best choice possible. A-frame signs are very simple. They are self supportive and they are light enough to move around yet heavy enough

Sign Recycling

At Focus Banners we are Eco worriers and we have decided to do something about the plastic waste we are helping to create! “The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” — Gaylord Nelson (Founder of Earth Day) What

Event Signs and Banners – The Basics

Whether you are running a conference or a huge music festival signage is an essential part of running a successful event. The guest’s impressions of your event are formed visually. An event with two few signs runs the risk of seeming disorganised. Basic informational and wayfinding signs are need to inform and assist guests to

The Best Signs for your Business

Signage is crucial to the success of modern businesses but what type of business signs are suitable for you. In part one of our signage guide for business, we take a look at some different approaches to commercial signage. Business signs fall into three main categories in terms of the message they convey. In short

The top 10 uses for corflute signs

Corflute signs are unbeatable for medium term signage for a range of businesses and uses. Corrugated plastic, core-flute or corflute is constructed similar to cardboard carton. The corrugated centres add strength and depth to plastic signs.  The cheapest corflute signs are made from 3mm corflute. It has some advantages over 5mm but it is not

Top 5 Reasons To Use Outdoor Banners to Advertise Your Local Business

What is it that companies like Apple, Coca Cola, MacDonalds, American Express and Google all have in common. Well yes, they are massive companies but more importantly, they are the biggest spenders in out of home advertising (OOH). OOH is any advertising that is seen outside of the home.  When you think that people spend

Sustainable Event Signage and Branding Guide (Part One)

Events can generate a lot of waste and co2 emissions and this includes branding and signage. We have put this guide together to show if a signage product can be recycled and where it can be recycled. Be wary that some products claim to be recyclable but the pathway to recycling is not available in

Branded Deck Chairs – Everything you need to know

Custom printed deck chairs are an elegant promotional and branding item used at events and venues across Australia. Made from a wooden frame and polyester canvas sling, they are a very simple design. They can be packed down flat making them ideal for tight storage conditions. The same feature allows deck chairs to be transported

Banner Mesh Panels | Big Value for Small Builders

Australian builders looking at marketing their business should look no further than the fence around their worksite. Advertising on construction hoardings is cheap and effective. The only question is whether to use small banners or larger banners for maximum effect. In terms of construction sites, the best solution for fence hoarding is individual mesh panels.

Are election signs recyclable?

Corflute, or corrugated plastic signboard as it is otherwise known, is a wonderfully durable material. Able to withstand the elements, completely waterproof and tough in very strong winds. It is a very widely used material in the signage industry from real estate signs to election signs. As we drive past all those election signs we